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AMI Metadata

This repository contains schema and sample files of the required metadata for NYPL AMI digitization. All metadata included in AMI bags should validate against one of the defined schema.

Repository organization

Major release versions are maintained in versions/x.x. Each version directory contains a directory a sample and schema sub-directory. Within schema common metadata elements are defined in fields.json and schema for media types are defined in digitized_*mediatype*.json. Each version also includes a digitized.json schema, which can test a single json metadata file against every media type schema in that version.

Media Types

  • Audio Cassette Analog
  • Audio Cassette Digital
  • Audio Grooved Cylinder
  • Audio Grooved Disc
  • Audio Optical Disc
  • Audio Reel Analog
  • Audio Reel Digital
  • Audio Wire
  • Video Cassette Analog
  • Video Cassette Digital
  • Video Optical Disc
  • Video Reel

To Be Defined

  • Audio Magnetic Cylinder
  • Film


There are a number of tools that can validate JSON data against JSON schema. We recommend ajv. To use ajv from a terminal window as in the following examples, you will also need ajv-cli

To validate a single sample json file against a version of the schema with ajv:

cd path/to/schema/base/directory
ajv validate -s /path/to/version/2.0/schema/digitized_audioreel.json -r versions/2.0/schema/fields.json -d /path/to/sample_digitized_audioreel.json

To validate all of the sample json files against their version of the schema with ajv:

cd path/to/schema/base/directory
ajv validate -s /path/to/version/2.0/schema/digitized.json -r "versions/2.0/schema/*.json" -d "versions/2.0/sample/*.json"

To validate all json files in a set of bags with ajv:

ajv validate -s path/to/schema/version/digitized.json -r "path/to/schema/version/*.json" -d "path/to/directory/of/bags/*/data/*/*.json"
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