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PIC Data Repository

By David Lowe, code by Mauricio Giraldo, NYPL Labs

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The data itself is in the /csv folder and is described below. The Python scripts are used to index the data in ElasticSearch and publish to Amazon S3.

See also the PIC application repository.

CSV files

These files are found in the /csv folder.

address.csv contains locations of Birth, Death and Activity, and street addresses for Studios. All have geographic coordinates. addresstypes.csv describes the addresses as either, Birth, Death, Active or Studio.

biography.csv lists the source or sources from which an entry is derived. biographies.csv is a complete list of the sources. collection.csv lists which museums or libraries are known to have works by a photographer. collections.csv is a complete list of the museums and libraries. More collections will be added periodically.

constituents.csv contains the Names, Nationalities, and Dates for over 115,000 photographers, studios and others in PIC. ConstituentType indicates whether the entry is for an Individual (1) or an Institution (2). Some have a biographical TextEntry, which will display in future iterations of PIC.

countries.csv is the full list of countries found in address.csv.

format.csv lists which types of photographs (such as Stereoscopic Photographs or Cabinet Cards) a photographer was known to have made. formats.csv is a list of those formats currently tracked in PIC. Additional formats may be added in the future.

gender.csv indicates whether a constituent is Female, Male, Other gender, or is a Studio (No Gender). genders.csv lists those four options.

nationality.csv gives the Nationality for each constituent. Nationality is often presumed from the location(s) where the bulk of a photographer's or studio's work was produced, and does not necessarily reflect citizenship status. nationalities.csv is the full list of Nationalities.

process.csv lists which photographic processes a constituent is known to have used (ie. Albumen Silver Prints or Gelatin Silver Prints). processes.csv is the full list of processes currently tracked in PIC. Other processes will be added periodically.

role.csv indicates whether a Constituent was a Photographer, Manufacturer, Dealer of Photographic Supplies or other occupation within the discipline of photography. roles.csv is the full list of Roles currently tracked in PIC. Other roles may be added periodically.

External CSV files

countries_wof.csv was contributed by Aaron Straup Cope and connects a CountryID in countries.csv to Mapzen's Who's On First data.


  • Code: see LICENSE.
  • Data: to the extent that NYPL has a copyright interest in the data, a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication will apply. Though not required, if you want to credit us as the source, please use the following statement, “From The New York Public Library.” Doing so helps us track how the data is used and helps justify freely releasing even more content in the future.


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