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+This is a jQuery-friendly version of the NYT's Emphasis script. It lets you drop the PrototypeJS dependency for jQuery.
37 demo/index.html
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+<!DOCTYPE html>
+<html lang="en">
+ <meta charset="utf-8" />
+ <title>Emphasis Demo</title>
+ <style>
+ #article-content { padding: 20px; font-size: 20px; }
+ </style>
+ <div id="article-content">
+ <h1>The Wizard of Oz</h1>
+ <p>The morning after the balloon had gone up with Oz, the four travelers met in the Throne Room and talked matters over. The Scarecrow sat in the big throne and the others stood respectfully before him.</p>
+ <p>"We are not so unlucky," said the new ruler, "for this Palace and the Emerald City belong to us, and we can do just as we please. When I remember that a short time ago I was up on a pole in a farmer's cornfield, and that now I am the ruler of this beautiful City, I am quite satisfied with my lot."</p>
+ <p>"I also," said the Tin Woodman, "am well-pleased with my new heart; and, really, that was the only thing I wished in all the world."</p>
+ <p>"For my part, I am content in knowing I am as brave as any beast that ever lived, if not braver," said the Lion modestly.</p>
+ <p>"If Dorothy would only be contented to live in the Emerald City," continued the Scarecrow, "we might all be happy together."</p>
+ <p>"But I don't want to live here," cried Dorothy. "I want to go to Kansas, and live with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry."</p>
+ <p>"Well, then, what can be done?" inquired the Woodman.</p>
+ <p>The Scarecrow decided to think, and he thought so hard that the pins and needles began to stick out of his brains. Finally he said:</p>
+ <p>"Why not call the Winged Monkeys, and ask them to carry you over the desert?"</p>
+ <p>"I never thought of that!" said Dorothy joyfully. "It's just the thing. I'll go at once for the Golden Cap."</p>
+ </div>
+ <!-- /article-content -->
+ <script src=""></script>
+ <script src="../js/emphasis-src.js"></script>

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