Drone plugin for managing deployments on Google App Engine
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Drone plugin to manage deployments on Google App Engine.


This plugin is a simple wrapper around the appcfg.py and gcloud app commands, which makes it capable of making deployments with Go, PHP or Python projects in the standard environment or any language in the flexible environment.

The action configuration variable (shown below) can accept any action that you would normally call on appcfg.py or gcloud app. So far, it has been tested with update to deploy and set_default_version to migrate traffic in appcfg and gcloud app deploy for gcloud app, but it should also be capable of running helpful ops commands like update_indexes and update_cron.

To see a full list of configuration settings for the project, check out the GAE struct declaration.

To see the App Engine SDK and gcloud versions, check out the Dockerfile dependency download.

Drone versions compatibility

This plugin supports Drone 0.4 and 0.6+ (0.5 is deprecated).

For usage in Drone 0.5 and newer, see these docs.

For usage in Drone 0.4, see these docs.