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kyt command line interface

kyt includes a CLI with all the commands needed for development.

kyt-cli setup includes these commands as scripts in your package.json:

npm run dev

Or you can run a command with node_modules/.bin/kyt command

node_modules/.bin/kyt build
  1. starter-kyt
  2. dev starts up a development environment
  3. build compiles server and client code for production use
  4. test runs all tests in /src
  5. proto starts the prototyping app
  6. lint-script lints src code using ESLint
  7. lint-style lints src code using StyleLint
  8. --help shows commands and their documentation


The dev command takes the entry index.js in src/client/ and src/server/, compiles them, and starts client and backend servers. The dev environment includes hot reloading to allow for fast development.

If hasServer is set to false in kyt.config.js, src/server/ is ignored and no backend server is started.

Optionally, you can configure urls for the development servers in the kyt config.

You can pass flags to the node server through kyt dev. For example:

kyt dev -- --inspect

will run the node debugging for Chrome DevTools


The build command takes the entry index.js in src/client/ and src/server/ (ignoring the latter if hasServer set to false in kyt.config.js), compiles them, and saves them to a build folder. This is an optimized production build.

The build command will also copy the src/public directory for static assets.

build uses option -C(--config) to denote a path to a different kyt.config.js file


The test command takes test files in your src/ directory and runs them using Jest. kyt test looks for any *.test.js files in src/.

You can pass flags to jest through kyt test.

kyt test -- --no-cache


Runs Jest with --watch.


Runs Jest with --coverage.

Updating the Jest config

You can update the Jest configuration by defining a modifyJestConfig function in your kyt.config.js. See modifyJestConfig instructions.

test globals

kyt will inject DOM globals, like global.window and global.document into every test. If you need to remove or add to the globals, then you can override the Jest setupFiles configuration in your modifyJestConfig callback.


Tests are hanging and/or test-watch is broken on OSX Sierra

See facebook/jest#1767 for various workarounds, the most common of which are installing or reinstalling Watchman.


The lint-script command lints all files in the src/ directory using ESLint. During kyt-cli setup, an .eslintrc.json file is copied into the root of your app which extends kyt's base configuration. You can add or override rules in this file.

kyt's base ESLint config extends Airbnb with a few overrides. You can find kyt's base ESLint configuration here. Read the kyt style guide here

Flags can be passed to ESLint through kyt lint-script

kyt lint-script -- --fix


The lint-style command uses Stylelint to lint all files in the src/ directory. By convention, it looks for files with a .css or .scss extension. During kyt-cli setup, a .stylelintrc.json is copied into the root of your app that extends kyt's base configuration, pre-configured with config-standard with some overrides for CSS/Sass Modules. You can find kyt's base Stylelint configuration here. You can add or update any of the Stylelint rules in your .stylelintrc.json. Read the kyt style guide here.


kyt provides a scratch space for building simple prototypes alongside your app. To get started, follow the setup instructions below.

How Prototype Works

  1. Create a prototype.js file.

The proto command takes a prototype.js file at the root of your app as an entry for a dev server. You can use this file as the start of your prototype.

  1. index.html

The proto command also provides an index.html file with the following content:

<div id="root"></div>
<script src="/prototype/bundle.js"></script>

/prototype/bundle.js loads the JavaScript assets.

The proto command

Running proto starts a dev server. Optionally, you can configure the prototype server url in your kyt.config.js.

prototypeURL: "http://localhost:3002/prototype"

Updating the prototype Webpack config

You can update the prototype config by using the modifyWebpackConfig function in kyt.config.js. See modifyWebpackConfig instructions.