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The app that helps people reflect on their actions on Twitter to prevent online fights

Our app allows users to check the sentiment of their tweet before tweeting. It also allows them to survey their tweet history and shows the sentiments of the user's twitter history. Our app supports multiple languages.

To run

  • cd into 'grocery' and run node for the first server
  • at the same time, cd into cordovaapp/and run cordova prepareand thencordova run [format]'
  • format can be ios, android, or browser


Paula "Mulan" Dozsa (github:paulacodes) - - NYUAD, UAE

Batu "The Peace Giver" Aytemiz (github:batu) - - NYUAD, UAE

Terri "The Rock" Burns (github:terriburns) - - NYU, USA

Manel "The Dove" Omani (github:ManelOmani) - - Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Informatique - ESI, Algeria

Mariam "The Peace Maker" AlFalasi (github:MariamOF) - - UAE University, UAE


Piotr "The Spy Fighter" Galar (github:gfjalar) - - Billy, Denmark

Dima "The Spite Fighter" Taji (github:dimataji) - - NYUAD, UAE


Built using:

  • Cordova

  • Twitter API

  • Google Visualization API

  • Google Translate API

  • Node's Sentiment Analysis

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