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The Arabic Dialect Guide
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The Arabic Dialect Guide

##Description Dalila is a Chrome extension that utilizes cutting edge natural language processing (NLP) research to help learners of Arabic and Arabic dialects by providing dialectal word analysis and definitions.


  1. Users can enable Dalila by downloading the Chrome extension.
  2. A double click on any Arabic word on the webpage triggers Dalila to provide:
  • Diacritized form.
  • Part-of-speech and dictionary citation form.
  • English definition.

##Extension Components ####Frontend:

  • An Arabic word gets deteced as Arabic text once its double clicked by the user.
  • The selected word is sent to the backend to get the analysis.
  • The analysis is displayed in pop-up box.


  • Receive the word from the frontend.
  • The word will be segmeted into "Prefix+Stem+Suffix"
  • Each part will be checked against a dictionary to find multiple possible valid forms.
  • The form with the highest probability gets selected with its respective definition and part-of-speech.
    • Probabilities are obtained from Arabic natural language processing annotated corpora.
  • The dictionaries and probability models are developed by researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi and Columbia University.
  • Top analysis is sent to the front end.

NYUAD Hackathon Information

  • Students:
    • Hiba Bejaoui, ESPRIT, Tunisia
    • Maeda Hanafi, NYU AD, UAE
    • Fatima Al Neyadi, UAE University, UAE
    • Sara Al Kendi, UAE University, UAE
  • Presentation requirements:
    • 4 microphones, computer demonstration
  • Link to Presentation slides


If you use DALILA, please make sure to cite the paper:

  • Khalifa, Salam, Houda Bouamor and Nizar Habash. DALILA: The Dialectal Arabic Linguistic Learning Assistant. In Proceedings of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC), Portorož, Slovenia, 2016. PDF
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