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Acts as gem for Citero. This gem allows an object to utilize Citero's translating properties.


Simply put acts_as_citable in your model. If you have attributes named data and format, you are set. If you must configure, do the following.

    acts_as_citable do |c|
    	c.format_field = 'your_format_field_name'
    	c.fata_field = 'your_data_field_name'

How to use

Using acts_as_citable is easy! Once you have your model configured, simply use the to_format method on your model where format is one of the desired formats.

  • BibTeX
  • RIS
  • OpenURL
  • EasyBib
  • CSF (Citero Standard Format)

The results are returned as string. Additionally, you can have it render the format with a responds with action. You must have something like this in your controller.

class TestController < ApplicationController
	respond_to :ris, :bibtex, :json
	def test
		rec = Record.create(:data => "itemType: book", :format => "csf")
		arr =
		arr << rec

Finally, to interact with the CSF object, you can call the csf method.

rec = Record.create(:data => "itemType: book", :format => "csf")
csf = rec.csf
p csf.itemType # => Prints ['book']
p csf.keys # => Prints ['itemType']