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NYU Press ePubs - ARCHIVED

This is an archive of the original NYU Press ePubs site that was later split into two NYU Press sites: Open Access Books and Connected Youth. It is not longer in use but it contains archived development branches that we might want to refer to later.

This repo is superseded by dlts-open-access-books. See NYUP-144 for details.

For the reason why this repo wasn't simply renamed "dlts-open-access-books", see this comment in Jira issue NYUP-140.

A site for viewing and displaying epub books.

Get the project

git clone nyupress-epubs-site

Use this branch

cd nyupress-epubs-site git checkout gruntTaskToBuild

Install dependencies

npm install

Change to match your environment and save.

cp source/json/default.conf.json source/json/conf.json