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Accessible Groove Pizza

The current version of this prototype is available free online. It works best in Chrome.


This project is a prototype version of the NYU Groove Pizza that supports keyboard input with customizable key mappings, text-to-speech/sonification output, swappable color palettes, and more. It is meant to be usable with limited or no vision. Quickstart graphic can be found here.

Keyboard Mappings


fn + UP_ARROW / DOWN_ARROW - Switch between different mappings

TAB - Toggle between interface elements (instructions, tempo, number of slices) and use ARROW keys on selected element.

SPACE - Start/Stop

'+' / '-' - Iterate through audio settings.

  • Practice Mode - Screenreader (text-to-speech) is turned on and music volume is lowered.
  • Sonification - Most text-to-speech is replaced with tones.
  • Performance - All non-music sounds silenced and music turned to full volume.

Default Mapping

This mapping makes it easy to differentiate between eighth notes and sixteenth-note offbeats.

1 - Switch drum sets

  • Q - 16-bit
  • A - Rock Drums
  • W - Bongos

2 - Toggle inner layer (Usually high-pitched drum)

3 - Toggle middle layer (Usually middle-pitched drum)

4 - Toggle outer layer (Usually low-pitched drum)

  • Q to I - Odd number slice (quarter/eigth notes)
  • A to K - Even number slice (sixteenth notes)
  • ENTER - Toggle on/off a node
  • Hold SHIFT to select and toggle

16th (In progress)

This mapping makes it easy to control notes relative to the position in the measure.

1 - 16th grouping 1

  • D F G H - 1 2 3 4 ("1-ee-and-ah")

2 - 16th grouping 2

  • D F G H - 5 6 7 8 ("1-ee-and-ah")

3 - 16th grouping 3

  • D F G H - 9 10 11 12 ("1-ee-and-ah")

4 - 16th grouping 4

  • D F G H - 13 14 15 16

Quickstart Graphic

quickstart graphic

Run locally

After downloading, simply navigate to the source directory and fire up an HTML server.

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer
Serving HTTP on port 8000 ...


This prototype is built on top of the following libraries:

Physical Groove Pizza

We have begun working on a tangible version of the instrument using Reactivision. Code is stored in the tangible folder.