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Tinkamo + Javascript

TinkaMOD is a rapid prototyping environment for building interactive controllers and instruments with Tinkamo and Javascript all without any wires or serial communication or other complexities. Everything runs in the browser thanks to recent Chrome Bluetooth support.

Connect your Tinkamo with our interactive Getting Started Doc.

Read the generated docs.

Installing the API

First, install the libary using npm or download the files included in the source folder of this repository.

npm i @musedlab/tinkamod

Then, create scripts containing HTML and Javascript code in your project and include the Tinkamo library. For instance, if you included the source code in a 'tinkaMOD' folder and titled your scripts index.html and index.js, you may use the following:

In index.html - include your index.js file as a module in the body of your document.

<script type="module" src="index.js"></script>

In index.js - import Tinkamo from tinkamo.js. (This is the only class you'll need.)

import Tinkamo from "tinkaMod/tinkamo.js";

Connecting a Tinkamo Core

To connect Tinkamo cores to your application, use connect() method. However, due to Chrome security requirements, this method can only be called upon user action. For instance:

In index.html - create a button that calls the onConnectionCallback function.

<button onclick="onConnectionCallback()">CONNECT TINKAMO</button>

In index.js - use connect() once the user presses the button.

let tinkamo = new Tinkamo();
onConnectionCallback = function() { tinkamo.connect(); }

Using Tinkamo in your Project

Our API primarily allows you to create custom events when Tinkamo sensors take readings of the world.

  • The Tinkamo class acts like a container or bucket storing all connected Tinkamo cores enabling you to form new connections, and set up custom events when a Tinkamo core is connected or disconnected. It contains a list of Tinkamo cores that you can retrieve at any time with the getTinkamoList() method.
  • The TinkaCore class is used as instances referring to physical Tinkamo cores. It is the primary class for doing things like playing sounds or adjusting animations when sensors attached to the Tinkamo core send messages to the computer via bluetooth.

For instance, if I wanted to simply log some information each time a sensor picks up a reading on the world, I might set up the following event listeners.

In index.html - we'll use the same button:

<button onclick="onConnectionCallback()">CONNECT TINKAMO</button>

In index.js - we'll call connect again, but also set up appropriate events.

let tinkamo = new Tinkamo();

// First, add event listeners to all Tinkamo cores that get connected
tinkamo.addEventListener('connect', function(tinkamoEvent) {
    let connectedTinkaCore = tinkamoEvent.tinkacore;

    // Print some information when a tinkacore sends a 'reading' message.
    connectedTinkaCore.addEventListener('reading', function(tinkacoreEvent) {
        console.log(tinkacoreEvent.sensor, tinkacoreEvent.value)

onConnectionCallback = function() { tinkamo.connect(); }

Supported Events

Event types are passed into the addEventLister() function as a string. For instance, if you pass "*" as an argument you can subscribe to all events triggered by a Tinkamo or TincaCore instance.

Tinkamo Events

  • "*"
  • "connect"
  • "disconnect"

Each event argument is an object with the structure:

    type: 'disconnect' or 'connect',
    tinkacore: tinkacore instance that has just been connected/disconnected,
    tinkamo: reference to the tinkamo instance that triggered the event

TinkaCore Events

  • "*"
  • "sensor change"
  • "reading"
  • "button", "knob", "slider", "joystick", "distance", "color"

Each event argument is an object with the structure:

    type: string referring to the type of event,
    sensor: string containing the name of the current sensor,
    value: depends on the event ranging from boolean to number array,
    tinkacore: reference to the tinkacore instance that triggered the event

Supported Sensors and Output Ranges

  • Button: 0 | 1
  • Knob: float ranging from -10 to 10
  • Slider: float ranging from 0 to 10
  • Joystick: [horizontal float, vertical float] ranging from -10 to 10
  • Distance: float ranging from about 0 to 30
  • Color: [red int, green int, blue int] ranging from 0 to 255


This project is primarily developed by NYU students as part of the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program.

Building the example doc: $ npm run doc

Contributing to the example: $ npm run example


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