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Change Log for CoAP.Net


  • be5a77ac Use original request in CoapBlockStreamReader
  • a543c9fa Correct the byte order in Block1/Block2 as it was backwards
  • 1455010b Add BlockSWiseContext to share context between reading and writing blockwise operations
  • 7bae697b Split CoapBlockStream into a Reader and Writer and make tests more modular
  • 52a52e5d Override Equal method in Block1/Block2
  • 48ae94c3 Split CoapBlockStream into a Reader and Writer and make tests more modular
  • 6b533e27 Use Latest C# language (7.1)
  • 0bcc74b9 Override CoapBlockStream.WriteAsync to reduce buffer size while writing on slow transports
  • f46b15b8 Add Equality to ContentFormatType
  • 81031ae8 Add baseclass for each CoapOption type to support easier type matching Options
  • a88e3065 Fix Null excpetions being thrown when comparing CoapOptions with null values
  • fe8f8928 Expose SupportBlockSizes in Block1/2 and add documentation
  • 5a0b28b4 Restore original ToString functionality and add debuggable format
  • 0da5483a Fix CoapMesasgeIdentifier not matching when endpoints are differnt instances.
  • 47f3a85a Add Value and Name property to ContentFormatType


  • d7c9d9c4 Add CancellationToken argument to ICoapTransport Async methods


  • 11841803 Perform a stable sort on CoapMessage.Options


  • 802fde24 Bumping netstandard down from 1.4 to 1.3
  • aaa6239d Add extension methods for reading BlockWise messages
  • 7954c95b Allow reading CoapBlockStream if data is still buffered.


  • a38ad662 Only finish flushing when there's nothing that can be immediatly written
  • 5af3fc57 Attempt to read as much as possible before returning
  • dedc10aa Fix human-error NullReferenceException in CoapClockStream
  • a1aea35b Support reading block-wise from remote endpoint
  • fbf58787 Add Block2/Block2 metadata to CoapMessage.ToString()
  • 8868be8f Housekeeping in Blockstream
  • 69c5c2e2 Document Block1/Block2.BlockNumber
  • a9e27bd5 Add minimal documentation where it's missing
  • 8e5f96c0 Document CoapBlockStream
  • cdfe0944 Remove deadlock when disposing CoapBlockStream and introduve Timout
  • 5ed538d0 Flush out the stream if there is any data
  • 5fcb12fd Only attempt to restart smaller Block-Wise transfer on first block
  • ab0549b6 Attempt to send Block-Wise messages in smaller sizes on RequestEntittyTooLarge
  • f13b3ec8 Allow advancing ByteQueue and Peeking blocks of data
  • 7e0bc60e Hold onto values and decode/encode them only when needed.
  • 0e7219a9 Exclude CoapBlockException from code coverage
  • c2b6d446 Support reduced block sizes in BlockWise Transfer
  • 439ca4e0 Block on Flush and throw exceptions when writing in CoapBlockStream
  • 461c4e4e Begin support for RFC 7959 Block-Wise Transfers


  • fab984bc Heh, Debug.Assert gets removed in release builds...
  • f6883b66 Rename static method to prevent hidden overloading
  • f3019ff0 Improve response matching with CoapMessageIdentifier
  • 768f50fa Better request and response matching in CoapClient
  • 71cffd71 Add minimal documentation where it's missing
  • 74c4d6b0 Add locks around CoapClient.Endpoint to prevent it being disposed unexpectedly
  • 3a5d05cb Return a placeholder option to give the application chance at reading them
  • f9eb87d2 Include CoapMessageCode in CoapException.FromCoapMessage
  • a900f1a7 Add Reset to AsyncAutoResetEvent
  • 1c1c5c8d Document CoapMessageCode properties
  • 30ea8d24 Create CoapException from CoapMessage
  • 30d06ee7 Throw a CoapEndpointException instead of InvalidOperationException
  • 47d31153 Reject Confirmable Empty messages
  • c5da5f2d Ignore Acknowledge with invalid Code Class
  • 7272c345 Ignore non-empty reset messages in CoapClient
  • 4b1958da Ignore repeated messages within a set TimeSpan on CoapClient
  • ccabaab3 Forgot to add CoapMessageCodes back in
  • 0ac5f88a Better exceptions for FromBytes
  • 4436a9f3 Rename Serialise and Deserialise to ToBytes and FromBytes respectively
  • a99134c8 Make OptionFactory a object


  • 0c6788e1 Give a chance to throw message exceptions after deserialising
  • 2c5ef861 Account for SendAsyncInternal dealing with a volatile Endpoint Property
  • 6ed148a8 Use ConcurrentQueue for message queuing in async


  • 4945c5b Perform DNS queries on hostnames in CoapUdpEndpoint


  • c3b44ee Default to multicast address in CoapUdpEndpoint
  • 2f453f5 Allow selectively setting Uri componetns in CoapMessage.SetUri
  • b8ef59a Sending multicast CoAP messages are checked appropiately
  • e131344 Replace FromUri with SetUri


  • a2cdf94 Retarget .Net Standard 1.4 and 2.0 and export XML Doc


  • 96b59c6 CoAPNet.Udp support joinging IPv4 multicast groups
  • a16eeb9 Improve CoRE Link-Format (de)serialising and deprecate rev


  • 0c1e1cf Respond appropiately to unsupported content format option


  • c6111c0 Split server classes into CoAPNet.Server to maintain zero dependency on CoAPNet
  • c03d7af Use logging in server/client related classes
  • 885d0d2 Include full uri in CORELink format when Authoraty does not match.


  • 22ecd43 Include Async handling of requests from CoapHandler and CoapResource



  • 18e1f87 Improve async operations in CoapClient
  • 1059530 Remove CancellationToken from ICoapEndpoint
  • 45d9715 Correctly decode uint options from bytes


  • 98dad09 Add Contructor overloads to CoapUdpEndPoint for simplicity
  • 4480168 Include IP address in Coap Options.
  • 4480168 Create CoapEndpoint for unknown endpoints


  • 9037770 Implemented a UDP example to use with NZSmartie.CoAPNet
  • 5340553 Support building Core Link Format resources from CoapResourceMetadata


  • 8e547da Implement better exception handling in CoapHandler
  • 330ade3 Throw CoapOptionException when deserialising unsupported critical options


  • 98e879f Pass the requesting CoapMessage into Get/Put/Post/Delete methods in CoapResource


  • f568528 Support message retransmission in CoapClient


  • 069e9dc Added (still Work in Progress) CoapHandler and CoapService with tests for handling incomming requests.


  • f63717d Improve concurrency in CoapClient
  • 4165523 Rename CoapResource to CoapResourceMetadata
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