Learning how to program in Haskell, with the book Programming in Haskell, and the Channel 9 lectures
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This is a repository for collecting Haskell problem sets from working through
the book "Programming in Haskell" by Graham Hutton as well as watching the
lectures by Erik Meijer on Channel 9. 

Many of the problems assigned in the lecture are duplicated in the book, but
when they are unique both will be completed. 

All submissions will be in literate Haskell files (.lhs), as well as in
Portable Document Format (.pdf), the latter of which will simply be the result
of running pdflatex on the former.

The point of all of this is to get feedback, so it is encouraged. 

Any of my original work (all solutions) are completely free for any use
whatsoever (they will probably not be substantial enough for any real use),
though there are probably restrictions on the problems as they are adapted
only slightly from the book and/or lecture. 

Any questions, or comments will be welcomed at nalaurethsulfate@aol.com.