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@@ -5,9 +5,37 @@ For Ruby projects using the Bundler gem.
This plugin allows you to quickly access the code of a gem that you have installed via Bundler in the current project. When you select a gem, a new Sublime Text 2 window will open with the code ready for inspection.
Tested on OSX with RVM, Xubuntu with rbenv and Windows with RubyInstaller
+# How to Use
+* In ST2, press "cmd + shift + p" and type "list gem"
+* Once you see "Gem Browser: List Gems", press enter.
+* It will list all the gems that have been installed via bundle for the project folder
+ ![ScreenShot](
+* Once you choose a gem of the list, this plugin will open the source of the gem in a new window with the code ready for inspection and EVEN modification in real time (useful for debugging).
+# Installation
+### Package Control
+Using [Package Control](, a
+package manager for Sublime Text 2.
+In ST2, press "cmd + shift + p" and then type "install".
+Once you see "Package Control: Install Package", press enter.
+When the packages load, another selection window will appear.
+Type "gem browser" and enter. All done!
+### Manual Installation
+ cd "~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/"
+ git clone
## Known issues / limitations
* Only tested on Rails 3+ and Bundler 1.0+
+* Doesn't work with projects that use rvm gemsets (yet)
## License
* MIT License

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