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Sublime Text 3 Compatible? #1

steel opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Installed but I can't see the gems when I run it.


It is most probably because l77 returns []. Quick fix:

import ntpath
# line #77 (now #78)
root = ntpath.dirname(self.window.active_view().file_name())

But there may be other failures from there (I for instance have a permission issue, coming as a side-effect of a routing error due to the manipulation of a bytes literal—ignored in python 2, but not 3).

If you want to try it out, remove the package and clone the repository to be able to live-edit the source.


Sublime Text 3 was not out when we developed this plugin so we can't be sure whether it works or not.

I guess that now that you confirmed it, we might have to get it =)

We'll look into making it compatible. Thanks


I was able to have it run using str(string, 'utf-8') within run_subprocess() (apply to both '' and output), which is just a quick workaround.

Next issue in line is the plugin_host executable complaining about expecting two arguments. A quick workaround is to go another route and use the sublime_text binary with the '-a' flag. It then works smoothly!


Any more progress on this?


Doesn't work on latest sublime build 3059
PackageManager marks it as ST2 only


Same here, it can't find any gems.

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