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A collection of funny bash scripts
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Funny Scripts

This project includes some fun bash scripts that may encourage you to learn bash scripting or show you can what to do with that.


  • A linux distribution (Tested on Ubuntu 18.04)


File Description Show date and time in a colorful way Simply extract any archived file Get some information from a domain Install tor and show public ip Get length of a given string Send an email Quick search that grabs relevant information about a movie List all top hitting IP address to your webserver Turn on or off Apache / Nginx / Lighttpd web server upload Simple web server


I'll try to make this project more useful so feel free to share your ideas or report bugs, I'll look at that soon.


This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 License - see the LICENSE file for details. Also, some files created by other programmers that you can find original authors as a comment in the file.


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