An S3 library for node.js. Supports automatic md5 of content, streaming, 100-continues, and very large files
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Dallin Dyer 
A simple S3 library written because the other implementation doesn't meet needs and is outdated.

What this library is good for:
  	Send files of any size (although S3 is currently limited at 5 gigs)
		- file upload and downloads are streamed with a progress event fired during writes.

  	Minimal memory footprint and very efficient 
		- Streams files from disk to socket -- using nodes drain/pause/resume to only stream what socket/stream can take 

  	Uses net sockets on PUT requests to support 100 Continue (especially usefull for large files) 
  		- the body is only sent after amazon approves the signed header

	Creats MD5 of content (optional)
		- ensure your data isn't corrupted during transmission

  	Supports amazons new REDUCED_REDUNDANCY storage (cheaper but less reliable)
		- see unit tests for examples

  	Supports specifying acl
		- see unit tests for examples

	coming soon: check out / run unit tests for examples.