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The is the "World War II" MMORPG source code.
This repository contains most of the code written over the last 5 years,
which amounts to 100s of programming hours.

The code has been split up into 3 sections designated by the 'Epoch' that each
code base was run.

Epoch 1 was built around the KoC clone script that was floating around the
internet in 2005. This ran between 2005 and 2007.

Epoch 2 is an extension built on Epoch 1, but was under different 
administration at the time. The ran between 2007 and 2009.

Epoch 3 is more-or-less a complete rewrite from the ground up, but keeping
most of the game play aspects from the earlier epochs. This was created in
the spring of 2009.


Because the code for epoch 1 and 2 are based upon the KoC clone script, the
code itself is very messy, and ugly. Epoch 3 is much cleaner, but is still
mostly undocumented.


Epoch 1 and 2 are tricky to set up. One would need to grep for the email
addresses and program names. There is limited configuration in the config.php
file, and the paths to the directories should be set there.

Epoch 3 offers much better configuration.


All 3 epochs should work in lighttpd, apache servers. The code requires PHP5,
(although Epoch 1 might run on PHP4). The database dumps are MySQL5, but should
work on MySQL4