Customizing Look & Feel

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If you're using xlshd as your X login manager you can customize its look & feel by:

  • Editing /etc/xlsh/xlshrc file (default terminal emulator, background color/image, etc).
  • Editing /etc/xlsh/Xresouces file (color scheme and font for the terminal emulator).

Using custom terminal emulator

If you dislike xterm you can use any other terminal emulator by changing TERMINAL variable at the top of /etc/xlsh/xlshrc. However if you don't want to modify xlshrc beyond simple variable change make sure that your terminal program of choice supports at least the following:

  1. Has -g or other command line switch for setting initial window geometry (needed for positioning).
  2. Has -e or other command line switch for launching alternative shell program.

Setting background color

You can change default background color by modyfing BGCOLOR variable at the top of /etc/xlsh/xlshrc file. The format is:


where RR, GG and BB are hexadecimal numbers between 00 and FF (0 - 255). For example to set your background color to bright violet (I highly recommend against it unless you want your eyes to pop-out) one would use the following line:


Setting background image

To set background image you will need background setting utility for X. If you can't think of anything that would do the job I recommend feh which is a nice image viewer and can also be used to set X root window image from command line. You can get feh here: or install it from your distribution's package repository.

First copy your desired wallpaper image to a nice system-wide location then edit /etc/xlsh/xlshrc to run feh just after xsetroot:

xsetroot -solid "$BGCOLOR"
feh --bg-scale /usr/local/share/your_bgfile.png

Changing terminal font and colors

If you want to customize xterm appearance edit /etc/xlsh/Xresources file. Each color value is in familiar "web" format #RRGGBB. You can use xfontsel utility to construct well formed font specification strings.

For more information on Xresources refer to: