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Code for ensemble clustering
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This is the source code for OpenEnsembles, an open source Python toolkit for clustering, validation, and finishing of ensemble clustering.

OpenEnsembles is published under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License.  See license.txt

Python version 3.0 or greater is required to use OpenEnsembles.


Authors: The Naegle Lab, including: Kristen M. Naegle, Tom Ronan, Roman Sloutsky, Shawn Anastasio, Pedro da Silva Tavares, and Zhijie Qi.

How to cite:
Ronan, T., Anastasio, S., Qi, Z., Tavares, P. H. da S., Sloutsky, R., & Naegle, K. M. (2018). OpenEnsembles : A Python Resource for Ensemble Clustering. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 26, 1–6.
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