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✨ StrapDown.js is an awesome javascript tool to quickly publish nice-looking web-pages in pure Markdown 📝, with no server side compilation 😎 →



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StrapDown.js (on GitHub)

StrapDown.js is an awesome web script to write nice-looking webpages in pure Markdown, with no server side compilation.

Features 💫

StrapDown.js is already pretty advanced:

  1. Directly write your documents in Markdown, and let the browser do the boring compilation steps,
  2. no need for CSS, theming or painful styling: StrapDown.js is already friggin' beautiful, and responsive,
  3. quick and secure, thanks to GitHub and their great SSL support. Note : You can also use to load the script from a quick and secure (HTTPS-aware) CDN.
  4. comes with many examples: first, second, third, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th...
  5. an almost perfect support for text-only browsers (as w3m, links, or elinks): pure Markdown is simpler to read than complicated HTML full of javascript, images (or worse),
  6. no external dependencies other than itself (and MathJax if you want to include it),
  7. no spying, no logging, no external leaking of your pages (and Google Analytics with a 1px beacon image can be included with an option,
  8. an excellent support of MathJax, as shown in this example or that one,
  9. quite lightweight: Only 32 Kb,
  10. and, the last but not the least, an experimental embedding of the awesome SquirtFR bookmarklet to read as quickly as Lucky Luke.
  11. Note : You can also use to have a true HTTPS support, by loading the script from a quick and secure (HTTPS-aware) CDN.

Drawbacks? 🐛

But there is also have a few things you need to know before using it:

  1. It might get slow for very long pages, even if a 3000-line document is handled very well and quickl (you can test by yourself with this long document),
  2. a reduced support for browsers without javascript or with javascript disabled (the pages are still readable, but really ugly),
  3. hosted on GitHub and served by JsDelivr, which are wonderful but might not be always available.


Concretely, GitHub is always up, secured and quick (oooh, and it is also awesome, completely free, and awesome too). Yeah, is it so awesome that I had to say it twice, you read it correctly!

But if you prefer, feel free to download the project (with and upload it somewhere on your own server, or locally on your machine.

As the script is hosted on GitHub, it can be loaded quickly and securely from!

A quick "thank you" to the initial project

My version of StrapDown.js is a fork of, a cool project that kinda seems dead by now.

Examples 💥

Here is a first demo:

First demo

This page explains how to use StrapDown.js:

Second demo

There is also many different themes:

Third demo

StrapDown.js supports MathJax, and it's really easy to use!

Forth demo

StrapDown.js also supports MarkDown tables:

Fifth demo

And as any web-based document, a StrapDown.js powered HTML page can include any Javascript script, like this example which shows a research bar for a table:

Sixth demo

More details

More details on //, with examples and extra explanations.


Hacked by Lilian Besson (Naereen).


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📜 License ? GitHub license

MIT Licensed (file LICENSE). © Lilian Besson, 2015-16.

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✨ StrapDown.js is an awesome javascript tool to quickly publish nice-looking web-pages in pure Markdown 📝, with no server side compilation 😎 →







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