A tiny & fast scripting language.
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This readme is for the upcoming version, for the latest stable version, download from releases.
A fast, static typed, scripting language, with a syntax similar to D Language.

Setting it up

To add QScript to your dub package or project, add the following into dub.json dependencies:

"qscript": "~>0.6.1"

or if you have dub.sdl:

dependency "qscript" version="~>0.6.1"

After adding that, look at the source/demo.d to see how to use the QScript class to execute scripts.

Getting Started:

To get started on using QScript, see the following documents:

  • spec/syntax.md - Contains the specification for QScript's syntax.
  • spec/functions.md - Contains a list of predefined QScript functions.
  • demos/demo.d - A demo usage of QScript in D langauage. Shows how to add new functions

And for the documentation on the code, including QScript's compiler, it is stored in docs/.
The spec for QScript's byte code is also available, in spec/bytecode.md, but knowing it is not necessary for using QScript.

Building Demo:

To be able to run basic scripts, you can build the demo using:
dub build --config=demo --build=release
This will create an executable named demo in the directory. To run a script through it, do:
./demo path/to/script
You can also use the demo build to see the generated byte code for your scripts using:
./demo "path/to/script" "output/bytecode/file/path"


  1. Syntax similar to D
  2. Dynamic arrays
  3. Very fast execution speed. QScript has a virtual machine for this purpose, no interpretation is done at run time.
  4. Static typed. This eliminates a lot of errors.

TODO For Upcoming Versions

  1. Implement do-while and for loops - Already done
  2. Change syntax of variable declarations to the way it's done in D-lang - Already done
  3. Function overloading - Yet to do
  4. Errors detected in byte-code-generation can currently not tell which line error is in, fix it - Yet to do, currently working on it.
  5. Add structs and classes - Yet to do

Example Scripts:

These scripts can be run through the demo configuration.

Hello World:

function void main(){
	writeln ("Hello World!");

Array & For loop:

function void main{
	int[] array = array(1, 2, 3, 4);
	for (int i = 0, length = getLength(array); i < length; i = i + 1;){
		writeln (intToStr(array[i]));