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Configurable OpenStreetMap tile server URL (worldmap_tiles_url)

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Vojtech Pithart authored and LarsMichelsen committed Jun 14, 2019
1 parent eda8584 commit 0620798820743dfedc7dd9686b05f5884358282a
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  1. +1 −1 docs/en_US/nagvis_config_format_description.html
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ <h2>Description of the sections in detail</h2>

<td>worldmap_tiles_url <font color="#ff0000">(new in 1.9)</font></td>
<td>worldmap_tiles_url <font color="#ff0000">(new in 1.9.13)</font></td>
<td>Worldmap uses OpenStreetMap tiles as a map background. The URL specifies where to GET the PNG tile images from.</td>

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