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Original fork of selector interface of ChameleonPi Project
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This repository is a fork of ChameleonPi selector Menu.

Visit ChameleonPi Website to learn more.


To install this version of selector you have to :

  1. Install ChameleonPi OS on your SD card
  2. Download and execute in this repo, it will backup your current /opt/selector folder and download it directly from here ! You can execute this command to do it :

wget chmod u+x ./

  1. Personalize your own configuration (have a look at /opt/selector/configuration files)
  2. Enjoy !

Custom selector

I've made some improvement to the initial project. I started by passing it to an oriented object version, so now it will be easier to edit the entire layout of the selector.

I've been inspired from Microsoft XNA project to structure this one, so you can find every frame (emulator choice, game choice and options) on their related folder. They are all following the same structure, which is described in the frame/ file

###Among the new features, you can find :

  • The selector is more fluid and faster than it was
  • The possibility to easily change the resolution. By default your are on 19201080, but we have made it compatible with 12801024 (4:3 resolution). NB: you also must update /boot/config.txt file to optimize the resolution; NB2: in 1280*1024 the navigator isn't available, so you can't get some help :(
  • You have access to more options, in the relative menu (I've map most options from tools folder but I didn't test them all)
  • More sound are available on the menu
  • I've fork two other project, Retrogame, and PiArcade. The first enable keys from the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi, and the second give the ability to use the pins provided by an MCP23017 I2C port expander to play with a friend. I recommend you to take a look at the main branch, it should be up-to date. But for piarcade, I want to precise that the original script doesn't work for me. So I've customized it to work, but it's not really optimized. To know how to use a MCP23017, you can read this
  • Now you can choose every console game by the selector interface
  • Game selector can display only desired file NB: it's based on the extensions name, and it's configured on configuration/machines.conf file

###But I've made some regression

  • For needed of my project version, I've clean the console list, and only let 7 consoles. I don't re-add others because I've modified machines.conf structures. But you can do it, you have only two file to edit : configuration/manchines.conf and
  • By default, on the game selector menu, you're chrooted to the roms folder consoles. By this way, you can use your raspberry pi with less risks
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