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My CruftFest project for the Interactive Digital Multimedia Techniques module (ESC742P) Queen Mary University of London
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A CruftFest 2016 project / an assignment to the Interactive Digital Multimedia Techniques (ESC742P) module, Media and Arts Technology, Queen Mary University of London.

The task

cruft: accumulated physical or virtual junk.

Save a small amount of cruft from the dump by repurposing it as a digital media interface.

More info

How to run the project

  • Connect the cassettes to the arduino.
  • Upload the read_wheel/read_wheel.ino sketch to arduino.
  • Install the python requirements for the project with pip install -r wheel_speed_analyser/requirements.txt (preferably in a virtual environment).
  • Run the wheel_speed_analyser/ script. Run with --help to see the available options.
  • Optionally run the osc_spectogram/osc_spectogram.pde processing monitoring sketch.
  • Run the player/player.pd patch.
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