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2.1.9 - 09/04/2019

  • Added option all_partitions to ncpa.cfg to only display what psutil says are physical local disks
  • Fixed issue in Admin section where URLs not working properly
  • Fixed max_connections setting not working on Windows
  • Fixed get_root_node() not reading and applying config on initial startup
  • Fixed allowed_hosts config option causing forbidden error messages when using passive checks

2.1.8 - 07/17/2019

  • Fixed issue with HTTP 308 redirection when connecting to API endpoints without forward slash
  • Fixed error when using windowscounters "bad file descriptor"
  • Fixed windowscounters not properly displaying errors in the check output or API output
  • Fixed windowscounters checks with errors now return unknown
  • Fixed default IP address in Windows when IP address is empty in the config
  • Fixed issue with Solaris installs not properly stopping the ncpa listener service
  • Fixed issue on Windows install where the proper registry key was not being set

2.1.7 - 05/09/2019

  • Updated builds to not use shared python library which causes issues on certain systems
  • Fixed issue with Windows silent installs not having set as default when no IP is defined
  • Fixed issue where some special Windows counters could not be identified
  • Fixed issue with pipe characters in returned error output for disk nodes
  • Fixed uninstall registry key in Windows not selecting the proper location due to missing install page
  • Fixed issue with mountpoints that cannot access filesystem info causing error

2.1.6 - 10/12/2018

  • Added max_connections listener config value to set the amount of concurrent connections
  • Added Solaris support and build process
  • Added new build process that automatically creates build for OS type
  • Fixed issue with temp directory having too many files causing python exception at launch
  • Fixed running checks on processes with float values for AIX and Mac OS X systems
  • Fixed file permissions on Linux systems to increase security

2.1.5 - 06/11/2018

  • Fixed issue with a few Windows counters that required forward slashes in the path name
  • Fixed issue where Windows counters were not clearing the counter/query handler
  • Fixed issues with SLES installs not working properly

2.1.4 - 04/17/2018

  • Added ssl_ciphers config option to only allow specific SSL ciphers
  • Added more filesystems types to ignore
  • Fixed issue where total CPU and memory usage in processes were actually averages
  • Fixed error when trying to run check on a full interface node
  • Fixed issue with processes not doing proper exact matches for most properties
  • Fixed folder mountpoints not showing on Windows up due to psutil version on build

2.1.3 - 02/28/2018

  • Fixed issue with plugins not executing the plugin return function properly

2.1.2 - 02/27/2018

  • Added more pseudo devices into default list of devices to skip
  • Fixed websockets (live graphs, top, and tail) not displaying data due to encoding changes
  • Fixed issue where user's groups were not being set when dropping from root privileges
  • Fixed Mac OS X script being installed properly
  • Fixed issue with nagios user and group on Mac OS X not being created
  • Fixed issue in windowscounters node creating a 500 error
  • Fixed service name check on EL6 causing services to show as running when stopped or unknown
  • Fixed python plugins not running properly due to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable

2.1.1 - 12/21/2017

  • Fixed the return values for checks that do not return int/float values

2.1.0 - 12/19/2017

  • Removed deprecated aliases (service, process, and agent) as stated in 2.0.0 changelog section
  • Added a new config option (allowed_hosts) to the [listener] section to block access except from specified addresses
  • Added a new config option (run_with_sudo) to the [plugin directives] section to prepend the sudo command
  • Added shell script to uninstall NCPA on Mac OS X by running "sudo /usr/local/ncpa/"
  • Added /IP and /PORT to silent install options for the Windows installer
  • Added LD_LIBRARY_PATH to ncpa init scripts and include libssl and libcrypto so we have the latest OpenSSL libraries
  • Added default_units configuration value to allow setting a default unit such as G or Gi for checks
  • Added exclude_fs_types configuration value to remove certain file system types from the disk check
  • Added a Kafka-Producer for passive checks
  • Added log message (and other log data) in to check as long output for Windows logs
  • Added processes into long output for processes endpoint and performance data output for all processes matched
  • Added ability run "interface/<interface name>" as a check to return all interface data
  • Added unknown service state when permissions of the nagios user stop service from checking running state
  • Added processes filter for username and updated GUI API browser
  • Added AIX support to the main branch (merged aix branch in)
  • Added long output toggle button in checks page to show all long output for process/log checks
  • Added ability to pass plugin arguments through the args POST/GET parameter instead of only through path
  • Added ability to have comma separated nrdp servers set for parent (and comma separated tokens)
  • Fixed searching for cmd causing any process with no cmd given to show up with any search
  • Fixed services on el6 to no longer use a grep for the a process and rely on psutil and service instead
  • Fixed issue with Firefox running in Windows causing websocket encoding errors
  • Fixed thresholds with colon (:) in front to be treated like a regular number instead of giving an error
  • Fixed problem with multiple arguments passed via query string for passive URL-based checks
  • Fixed upgrades on Windows to only start the ncpa services that were running before upgrade
  • Fixed check settings not showing up on system/uptime and added human readable output to check return output

2.0.6 - 11/09/2017

  • Updated Python version to 2.7.14
  • Updated gevent-websocket to version 0.10.1 so we do not need to use patched version
  • Fixed passive checks not writing to the check history database
  • Fixed API section for Internet Explorer
  • Fixed issue when using the event_id filter on Windows event logs
  • Fixed issue with spaces in URL-based passive checks
  • Fixed catching of IOError with systems (typically virtual) that do not have any accessible partitions
  • Fixed encoding problems in Timezones and Interfaces on Windows with non-English characters
  • Fixed delta time values not working properly due to caching data on websockets
  • Fixed large values showing up on initial check when viewing deltas

2.0.5 - 09/01/2017

  • Fixed the windows event log setting event_id to give the proper ID for some events that has bogus IDs
  • Fixed issue with DB maintenance where DB is not accessible (both processes use it)
  • Fixed non-integer PID file value causing startup issues
  • Fixed issues with NFS errors causing failed starts (such as permission denied)

2.0.4 - 06/24/2017

  • Updated the API browser to grab your current hostname and port from the URL to show better active check output
  • Updated processes API endpoint to properly also show full command with arguments
  • Updated Windows installer to open incoming port in firewall for the port specified during install
  • Fixed admin login page redirecting to "admin/config" which does not exists
  • Fixed some JSON encoding errors from happening when utf-8 cannot decode properly
  • Fixed issue with missing logging import in
  • Fixed upgrade issue where NCPA services would be stopped after upgrade (will start working after 2.0.4)
  • Fixed issue in windows logging module where an infinite loop could be triggered based on logged_after time frame
  • Fixed sqlite db timeout only being 5 seconds
  • Fixed issue where initctl would override sysv initd script statuses for services
  • Fixed file permissions on Linux with an updated .spec file
  • Fixed match argument to be set when showing examples of active or passive check definitions from the GUI
  • Fixed passive check definition for processes, services, and plugins endpoints

2.0.3 - 03/17/2017

  • Fixed some typos in the ncpa.cfg and sample config
  • Fixed issue with Windows silent install setting various values to blank instead of defaults
  • Fixed check for service scripts in init.d folder to ignore OSError exceptions
  • Fixed typo in ncpa.cfg file that meant to say nrdp

2.0.2 - 01/19/2017

  • Updated plugins list to be sorted alphabetically when returning plugin list
  • Updated plugins endpoint to use the debug URL parameter to have check also return the cmd line string
  • Fixed issue with the parsing of command-line arguments sent to plugins quoting spaces unnecessarily
  • Fixed default IP and Port definitions if either are not specified in ncpa.cfg
  • Fixed issue with / in arguments passed to plugins (via and the API)
  • Fixed output of in the "view alternative format" popup to use proper units argument
  • Fixed service status output to display proper messages when pid file exists but daemon is not running

2.0.1 - 01/03/2017

  • Updated popover info boxes so they auto-hide when no longer in focus (once you click anywhere but the ?)
  • Updated Windows service log file locations to var/log/win32service_ncpa<type>.log (logs for the services not NCPA)
  • Updated Mac OS X install to give information about whether the install/upgrade finished or not
  • Updated etc section to come with an ncpa.cfg.example version that shows new config values
  • Updated Windows install to no longer reset the service settings by uninstalling/reinstalling the services
  • Fixed issue with passive service when nrds was set (typically on upgrades) sending lots of errors to the log
  • Fixed issue on Top Processes page where warning and critical thresholds didn't highlighting values
  • Fixed issue with string encoding errors on certain systems in some API nodes
  • Fixed issue with upgrades on unix systems ncpa- tmp files caused checks to give 500 errors from permission denied
  • Fixed a 500 error in the admin section when no passive checks are defined
  • Fixed services check with different match options (regex, search) to work as a check
  • Fixed issue with services node not saving active check results
  • Fixed issue with libffi not being included due to it being a shared library on most systems
  • Fixed Windows threading issues with the win32service base

2.0.0 - 12/15/2016


  • Added SQLite3 DB backend for check results
  • Added a new tab in the GUI for viewing past check results
  • Added support for SSL protocols TLSv1.1 & TLSv1.2
  • Added ability to adjust units B and b with T, Ti, Gi, Mi, Ki to match windows disk sizes using untis=x
  • Added comments/help to the config file itself to help understand certain areas of the config that are confusing
  • Added API endpoints system/time and system/timezone with current timestamp and timezone information
  • Added plugin_timeout config option in ncpa.cfg [plugin directives] section
  • Added default __HOST__ passive check definition so it doesn't show up as unknown forever
  • Added delay_start option to listener and passive section of ncpa.cfg to actually run after a # of seconds
  • Added ability to relocate RPM install (ex: --prefix=/opt would install /opt/ncpa)
  • Added disk/mount for giving information on partitions that aren't currently accessible, such as cdroms
  • Added redirection when logging in if the user was trying to access a protected page
  • Added better output messages for multi-checks (ex: memory/virtual?check=true, disk/C:|?check=true)
  • Added API browser which allows going through the API and creating checks, understanding units, etc
  • Added admin web GUI section for in-browser viewing of passive checks, process control, etc
  • Added admin_x config values into default ncpa.cfg for Web GUI admin section
  • Added information into api/logs node to explain how to get logs to be populated
  • Added '/s' onto the unit when using the delta argument outside of checks
  • Added all new documentation and examples for setting up NCPA on any type of system
  • Added in the Windows Event Log tail functionality that was never released
  • Added new config options for managing check result retention and if check results should be retained


  • Updated api/agent/plugin to just api/plugins (check deprecation to see more about api/agent/plugins)
  • Updated web UI with modern theme with better graph styling
  • Updated self-signed SSL certs to use 2048bit RSA and sha256 signature
  • Updated unit names that were set to c that weren't actually generic counters for better graphing
  • Updated top processes to not show Idle process on Windows and added % / rounding
  • Updated default locations on fresh install for log files on windows and linux
  • Updated openssl and PyOpenSSL libraries which no longer accept SSLv2 & SSLv3
  • Updated API to round most values that had been calculated to 2 decimals including check results and perfdata
  • Updated default configuration for passive checks to be located in the ncpa.cfg.d/ folder
  • Updated RPM .spec file information for new locations and summary/description information
  • Updated API to now automatically update disk partitions and other static items except while websocket is open
  • Updated Linux and Mac OS X installs to use nagios group instead of nagcmd group like other Nagios products
  • Updated Windows installer to now have multiple sections that edit listener, passive, and passive check configs
  • Updated RPM, DEB, and DMG to allow upgrading from older versions without issues
  • Updated api/services check to default to running (currently leaving off status=x will always return critical)
  • Updated output of certain checks to have more information (api/services, api/memory/logical/percent)
  • Updated processes output to include 'mem_percent' since it can be used as a filter
  • Updated processes output of 'mem_rss' and 'mem_vms' to show units and respect the 'units' modifier
  • Updated filtering processes by 'name' and 'exe' field to also be able to use 'match' type (exact, search, or regex)
  • Updated filtering services by 'service' field to allow using the 'match' type too (exact, search, or regex)
  • Updated delta values to not cause weird issues when calling the same endpoint from different sources
  • Updated ncpa_listener and ncpa_passive init.d files to be more reliable
  • Updated the services ncpa_posix_type to now be ncpa_type on Unix systems to conform to init.d service names
  • Updated websocket endpoints to be /ws/top, /ws/tail, /ws/api instead of <name>-websocket
  • Updated the way that the init scripts work on Linux systems to give better output

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed single value objects that are given a conversion value via units from becoming lists (#250)
  • Fixed services list on el7 (and all systemctl systems)
  • Fixed registry key placement for fresh installs on Windows
  • Fixed using multiple values passed to nodes for filtering in API and active checks (ex. service=x&service=y)
  • Fixed units=x setting to only affecting b and B units not all unit types
  • Fixed API showing b instead of B for bytes in multiple locations
  • Fixed ncpa.cfg ssl_version option not actually working for Windows version
  • Fixed handlers config variable from throwing errors when empty or set to None
  • Fixed issue with large plugin output (4KB+ on windows and 64KB+ on linux) could crash NCPA
  • Fixed errors thrown by clients ending websocket connections by changing pages not being caught and handled properly
  • Fixed issue where having no passive NRDP checks would give errors in ncpa_passive.log
  • Fixed regex issue for warning and critical values
  • Fixed stdout and returncode swapped when doing checks on nodes that can't be checked (ex: user/list)
  • Fixed RPM uninstall to stop the NCPA processes before it removes the NCPA files
  • Fixed issue on OS X where plugin directory was not readable by nagios due to LaunchDaemon permissions
  • Fixed issue on Windows systems not having accurate network I/O if bytes > 4.3GB
  • Fixed issue with iptables showing up as stopped even while running in CentOS/RHEL 6 and 7
  • Fixed issue with multiple services always showing stopped in CentOS/RHEL 6 systems relying on initd
  • Fixed zombie process error in Mac OS X top websocket making the GUI top display nothing
  • Fixed graphs tab not displaying graphs of interfaces with multiple spaces in their names
  • Fixed passive service on Windows only able to successfully run a plugin-based check once after restarting
  • Fixed output of disk space on Linux servers not showing reserved root disk space as used
  • Fixed check output formatting on parent nodes when running multi-checks
  • Fixed device_name on api/disk/logical node when units passed giving an error
  • Fixed perfdata output for windows log checks
  • Fixed issue on Mac OS X where running as nagios (default) would cause process data not to show
  • Fixed issue where global config parser defaults caused issues with sections in separate files
  • Fixed issue where services in Unix systems ran as root no matter what the uid/gid specified in ncpa.cfg
  • Fixed delta value returning 0 the first time it's called even if there should be 1 second of data
  • Fixed Mac OS X plist to no longer set user/group (bug fix for Unix systems running as specified uid/gid is related)
  • Fixed processor type not showing up on all Linux distros on GUI dashboard
  • Fixed issue with relative plugin paths on Linux systems when they are built


  • Both API endoints api/service/<servicename> and api/process/<processname> will be removed in version 3 and should be replaced by api/services?service=<servicename> and api/processes?name=<processname> instead
  • The API endpoint api/agent/plugin/<pluginname> will be removed in version 3 in favor of api/plugins/<pluginname> which better matches the current API node naming conventions and is a less confusing name

1.8.1 - 04/09/2015

  • Fixed aggregation of CPU percent only working on Windows
  • Fixed system/uptime not working on Windows

1.8.0 - 04/02/2015

  • Added graphing frontend, available via /graph-picker.html
  • Added PID to process information returned by the API
  • Adding aggregate function to aggregate list values for checks
  • Adding uptime under /api/system/uptime
  • Added delayed starting to windows NCPA services
  • Changed web sockets to fail gracefully
  • Changed uninstall key location for Windows users to be under HKCU
  • Changed unit for the user count to be ‘’ rather than c
  • Changed plugin to allow passed query arguments to URL
  • Changed plugin to remove perfdata
  • Changed windows NCPA services to be more windows-like
  • Fixed Mac OS installer group/user issues
  • Fixed NRDS file path issue on windows
  • Fixing issues with /graph and accessing the same state file
  • Fixed issue where page head links showed up on /login page
  • Fixed issue where server would reject API POST queries
  • Fixed windows installer to now upgrade NCPA when NCPA is installed already
  • Fixed windows installer to not overwrite configuration file

1.7.2 - 08/28/2014

  • Fixed API giving 500 error on windows when filtering processes
  • Fixed services filtering by single service name
  • Fixed NCPA Passive init.d script on Debian systems
  • Fixed issue where warning/critical values were truncated

1.7.1 - 08/19/2014

  • Added backwards compatability with the api/service(s) call to work with old plugins/checks
  • Added log rotation to all clients, logs rotate at 20MB and will rotate once before overwriting old logs
  • Added safeguards when importing disk nodes that prevented the listener from starting in certain circumstances
  • Added link to the /top service in the web UI
  • Added "diskperf -Y" command to automatically run during Windows install
  • Added favicon to the web UI
  • Removed unused files and old static docs
  • Updated log format to be more descriptive
  • Updated test runner to be Python rather than sh to run tests on Windows
  • Updated plugin/file type directives to now retain quotes around $plugin_name when being passed to the command line
  • Updated styling of main web UI screen
  • Fixed issue with SSL certificates using the same serial number
  • Fixed threading error on NCPA listener start/stop
  • Fixed 500 access error on access
  • Fixed Windows logging issue where logs were not at var/*.log
  • Fixed process count checks returning wrong number of processes

1.7.0 - 07/29/2014

  • Added full tests for NRDP
  • Added realtime graphs
  • Added Windows Event Log monitoring
  • Added Windows counters monitoring ability
  • Added manually creating SSL certificates, and added ability to specify cert and key files by specifying in the certificate field by a comma-delimited [path/to/cert],[path/to/key]
  • Updated help documentation to include changes in 1.7.0
  • Updated to non-blocking system using gevent to accomodate many connections
  • Updated from the Flask development server for serving HTTPS requests
  • Fixed init script for listener not getting the PID file correctly
  • Fixed build issue with cx_Freeze which caused the built agent to not run
  • Fixed build issue with docs not building during build process
  • Fixed dependency issues with Debian systems
  • Fixed doc builds during compilation
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