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Commits on Mar 13, 2012
  1. @ericholscher
  2. @ericholscher
  3. @ericholscher
  4. @toffer

    Add more detail on API docs.

    toffer authored
  5. @ericholscher
  6. @toffer

    First pass at documenting API.

    toffer authored
  7. @ericholscher
  8. @ericholscher
  9. @ericholscher
  10. @ericholscher

    Merge pull request #185 from tlpinney/master

    ericholscher authored
    Doc additions and code for setting up ec2 instances of readthedocs
  11. @tlpinney
  12. @tlpinney
  13. @U-238 @ericholscher

    Updated TODO to remove this which is now done

    U-238 authored ericholscher committed
  14. @U-238 @ericholscher

    Removed the absolute URL to :/

    U-238 authored ericholscher committed
  15. @U-238 @ericholscher

    Added instant search!

    U-238 authored ericholscher committed
  16. Resolve template conflict

  17. Index the absolute url to avoid hitting the database for every result…

    …; friendly file/page titles
  18. ImportFileAdmin settings

  19. Whitespace

  20. @tlpinney

    Added some more docs

    tlpinney authored
  21. @tlpinney
  22. @tlpinney
  23. @tlpinney
  24. @tlpinney
  25. @ericholscher
  26. Add solr setup instructions

Commits on Mar 12, 2012
  1. @bartek @ericholscher

    Remove deprecated scrape_conf_file func and tests.

    bartek authored ericholscher committed
  2. @bartek @ericholscher

    Removed test referencing pipe-dream feature that has been deprecated …

    bartek authored ericholscher committed
    …(github post commit hook integration)
  3. @ericholscher

    Merge pull request #178 from tlpinney/master

    ericholscher authored
    Needs libopenssl-ruby for chef to work on a lucid32 ami
  4. @tlpinney
  5. @tlpinney
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