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SMEAGOL project
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A SMEAGOL project.

  • Game mode:
    • Default mode: if we skip the init step 3, start with default mode: all targetMote will close when there is a hit.
    • Timing mode: all motes open and close periodically and the hit counter will be sent to centralMote. all targetMotes will be closed when time is up.

  • Initialization:
    1. send msg with identifier == 0 (stop all)
    2. send msg with identifier == 2, ID == 1/2/3,
    3. send msg with identifier == 1, mote_id == 0 payload == number of bullets (init the gunMote)
    4. send msg with identifier == 1, mote_id == [1|2|3]] payload1 == opentimeslot payload2 == closeslot (init the target_mote, payloads set to 0 is default mode)

identifier: 0:stop, 1:start(with the number of bullets and movement pattern), 2: set target ID , 3:shooting, 4:hitting

  • Leds behavier:
    • led0: ON when booted, OFF when first shot/hit accomplished.
    • led1: ON when start to send msg, OFF when sending is done.
    • led3: ON when press the button on targetMote(assign ID), OFF when ID is assigned.

int targetOpenTime = 1000; int targetClosedTime = 5000;

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