Kill Facebook for iOS's SSL Pinning
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Bypassing Facebook for iOS's SSL Pinning, allow us to capture decrypted HTTPS request send from Facebook, with tools like Charles.

Screen Shot


This repository shows how to kill the certificate pinning in Facebook for iOS without Jailbreak your device.

I've successfully captured decrypted https requests from Facebook with Charles by apply this patch. I tested the currently newest Facebook for iOS version 79.0, this patch may become invalid with newer version.



Update 20170319

I've developed a new tool to finish this steps in more simple way, see:

Original Instructions

  1. Prepare Facebook_extenstion_removed.ipa

    • Get decrypted Facebook ipa, wether from a jailbroken device or ipa download site (I'm using ipa downloaded from
    • Unzip ipa, Remove Payload/ folder, which contains App Extensions.
    • Zip the Payload folder, and rename to Facebook_extenstion_removed.ipa
  2. Inject Code to Facebook_extenstion_removed.ipa

    • Build DyldXcodeProject, make sure the target is selected to real device (NOT iPhone Simulators), copy the result framework's binary file to a folder named DyldsForInjection

    • Use the script provide in DyldPatcher, patch the binary we generated, to Facebook_extenstion_removed.ipa, the patched file is named Facebook_extenstion_removed-patched.ipa

         cd DyldPatcher
         ./ Facebook_extenstion_removed.ipa DyldsForInjection
  3. Resign Facebook_extenstion_removed-patched.ipa

    • Use the modified version of iResign to resign the file, the result file is Facebook_extenstion_removed-patched-resigned.ipa, this version will sign the dyld we injected correctly.
  4. Install and Run

    • Install Facebook_extenstion_removed-patched-resigned.ipa via Xcode
    • Capture HTTPS requests like other apps with Charles!