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Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

The SNI website is comprised of a headless CMS built with FastAPI and a frontend built with NextJS.

Local Installation Instructions

Server Setup

The server relies on Docker Compose for environment management. Ensure Docker Compose is installed on your system. To aid in local development, just commands are also provided.

  • Getting Started:

    1. Access the server directory: cd server.
    2. Build the Docker environment:
      • Execute: docker compose -f docker-compose.local.yml build
      • Or use just build for a simplified process.
    3. Launch the Docker environment:
      • Execute: docker compose -f docker-compose.local.yml up -d
      • Or use just up for convenience.

    This will automatically handle data migrations and imports.

  • API Access: The API is accessible at http://localhost:8000.

  • Local Document Serving: For local serving of PDFs, ePubs, etc., download the necessary files from here and place them in server/static/docs.

Client Setup

The frontend uses pnpm for package management. Ensure pnpm is installed before proceeding.

  • Getting Started:

    1. Navigate to the client directory: cd client.
    2. Copy .env.local.example to .env.local.
    3. Update your /etc/hosts file with satoshi.localhost:   satoshi.localhost
      ::1         satoshi.localhost
    4. Install dependencies: pnpm i.
    5. Start the development server: pnpm dev.
  • Website Access: The site is available at http://localhost:3000.

Internationalization and Localization (i18n and l10n)

The SNI platform is designed with i18n and l10n at its core, actively supporting and encouraging the translation of content across various sections, including the Mempool, the library, content pages, and application strings.

Mempool Translations

To contribute Mempool translations:

  • Markdown Front Matter: Include the required metadata using the schema below:

    title: # Translated post title
    slug: # Translated slug (ASCII only) (Optional)
    excerpt: # Key quote (refer to English posts) (Optional)
    translation_url: # Original translation URL (Optional)
    translation_site: # Original publication name (Optional)
    translation_site_url: # Original publication URL (Optional)
    translators: # List of translator slugs (Optional)
    image_alt: # Translated header image alt text (Optional)
  • File Placement: Save the markdown file in server/content/mempool with the naming convention <slug>.<ietf-code>.md (e.g.,

Library Translations

For library content translations, follow these guidelines:

  • Markdown Front Matter: Utilize the schema below for metadata:

    title: # Translated document title
    slug: # Translated slug (ASCII only) (Optional)
    subtitle: # Translated subtitle (Optional)
    display_title: # Display title in the translated language (Optional)
    external: # Source URL of the translation (Optional)
    sort_title: # Title for sorting purposes (Optional)
    image_alt: # Translated document header image alt text (Optional)
    formats: # Available formats [pdf, epub, mobi, txt] (Optional)
    translators: # Translator slugs list (Optional)
  • File Placement: Save the markdown file in server/content/library with the naming convention <slug>.<ietf-code>.md (e.g.,

Content Pages & Application Strings

  • Localized Content Pages: Locate content pages within client/content/pages and add localized files using the <filename>.<ietf-code>.md format.
  • Application Strings Localization: Application strings are found under client/locales.

General Guidelines

  • New Languages: To introduce a new language, update Locales and LocaleType in server/sni/, as well as languages and locales in client/i18n.ts. Then, execute pnpm translate:extract within the client directory. is licensed under the GNU Affero License.