Implementation of the 'naked objects pattern' on .NET platform. Turns a POCO domain model (that follows a few simple conventions) into a complete application. See the ReadMe (at the bottom of this page) for more details.
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Naked Objects Framework

NOF9 - Current stable release

The NOF may be used entirely as packages from the NuGet public gallery - there is no need to clone this repository. Indeed, building the framework from source code is quite complex and not recommended for newcomers. (If you really to know how to do it, see the sections 'How to build the framework from source code' and/or 'Building the NOF9 client using Angular/CLI and Node Package Manager' in the Developer Manual.)

NOF9 upgrades the Spa client to use the latest version of the Angular framework (which is a very substantial re-architecting of the original 'Angular 1' framework - now referred to as AngularJS). The code for this new NOF9 client exists within in the 'Spa2' project within the master branch. The NOF9 client is identical to the NOF8 client from a user perspective, and there is no change to the programming model - so the two clients can co-exist, talking to the same NOF8 server via the Restful Objects API. However, any custom views will need to be re-written.

The best way to explore NOF 9 initially is to download the Template project from here:

and follow instructions at the start of the NOF 9 Development Manual, downloaded from here:

NOF8 (superseded)

NOF7 (superseded - 7.0 branch)

NOF7 has now been superseded and we advise all users to upgrade to NOF8.

NOF7 source code is available on the 7.0 branch of this repository.

The developer manual for NOF7 may be downloaded from here: