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Guile-Lua (rebirth)

Because Microsoft has aquired GitHub, as a congrats, I would like to migrate this project to GitLab and this repo will not be maintained on GitHub anymore:

Guile-Lua is a Lua frontend on Guile platform. Guile is the GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions, and the official extension language of the GNU project. Guile includes compiler front-ends for multi-langs like Lua, which means your application may be extended in the language (or languages) most appropriate for your user base.

Guile-Lua aims to be compatible with Lua-5.2, and intractive with other Guile programes writtern in other languages on Guile. The first target is to work with GNU Artanis, actually, it works now.

Guile-Lua is still working in progress, but almost done and works fine.