A generic server written with GNU Guile. (migrate from https://gitorious.org/glow/ragnarok)
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Ragnarok is generic server which aimed to be a multi-protocols and high performance concurrency server framework.
Its core written with C language, and use GNU Guile, the GNU official extension language for extensional part.

With Guile's multi-language features, it may support most of the main-stream languages in the long term, which means you don't have to rewrite your program to get full performance of Guile.

Besides, Guile has the fine-intergrated delimited-continuation in its language core. It can be used for handling async-IO easily. This feature (provided in language core) only supported by Scala/Ocaml/Haskell/Scheme45, and Guile (of course).

The last but not the least, Guile as Scheme is suitable for Actors-model since it was born by the idea to implement Actors. And the most expectation is the Actors-model based on delimited-continuation could provide more performance with async-IO.

The notable features listed here:

  • Unified epoll/select/kqueue interface
  • Concurrency based on threads
  • High performance concurrency with delimited-continuation based Actors-model (work in progress)
  • Object oriented (yes, I'm the minority in Guile community who try to program with GOOPS, though FP features may cancel out most of OO features)
  • HTTP/1.1 (partial)
  • Multi-protocols
  • Multi-languages (Guile is actually a dynamic compiler collection against the GCC who's the static one according to Andy's free speech. So multi-language must be the most fascinating feature.)
  • Guile/Scheme Template (it's practical and cool!)
  • Configurable
  • MIME
  • Logger
  • Standard CGI
  • Fast CGI (not sure whether worthy adding it since Guile has multi-language feature)
  • Static page and binary downloading service (of course)

== Quick start

Note: now you have to try v0.0.3 since master is working on progress and may not run successfully.

Be sure you have the latest Guile-2.x, because Ragnarok is an experimental and cutting edge project. Any newest/cool feature could be used. The policy is agressive, but it's the way to get best design IMO.

  1. git clone git://github.com/NalaGinrut/ragnarok.git && cd ragnarok
  2. git checkout v0.0.3
  3. ./autogen.sh && ./configure
  4. make
  5. sudo make install
  6. You may checkout /etc/ragnarok/server.conf to see the config file.
  7. sudo ragnarok (you do need the authority to boot a server)
  8. checkout 8080 port (or at you wish) in your browser
  9. enjoy if you're lucky, or add comments or send mail to me, thanks!

=== config file ===

+[http0] {
root-path : /var/www
protocol : http
status-show : log
max-request : 100000
listen : 8080
charset : utf-8
with-cgi : gl,scm
cgi : yes

=== template ===

And you may try the Guile template as well:

<% (if (= 1 1) (begin %>
<p>asdf: <%= (+ 1 1) %></p>
<% )) %>

<% (let ((test-me (expt 3 8))) %>
<p><%= test-me %></p>
<% ) %>

And you get the output as:

<p>asdf: 2</p>

More details please review Wiki (coming soon).

Happy hacking!