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Adventure Terraria Server Project - Website


I tried to keep the code pep8 conform via the help of SublimeLinter, but I ignored the max. line-length rule...
You need some work and dependencies to make it run.


  • Install at least Python 3.2 and VirtualEnv
  • Create a virtual environment and install following Python modules via pip (newer and older version might run, but this is my current setup)
  • bcrypt 2.0.0
  • cymysql 0.8.1
  • flask 0.10.1
  • flask-login 0.2.11
  • flask-optimize 0.2.7
  • flask-assets 0.12
  • cssmin 0.2.0
  • jsmin 2.2.2
  • waitress 1.0.2
  • itsdangerous 0.24
  • pillow 2.8.1
  • Configure to your needs
  • Put Semantic-UI .css files in static/css/
  • Put all the fonts of css in static/css/fonts/
  • Put JQuery, Semantic-UI and highstock in static/js/
  • Item-render are needed for the Inventory Parser. Extract the images from the game and put them in static/img/items/
  • run python

Powered by


tShock plugins


Main Page

  • Index is mobile compatible - can be switched via "Show desktop version" (UserAgent dependant)
  • Screenshots on the index
  • Just throw in your full images in static/img/screenshots/original and the thumbnails are created automagically
  • Shows the amount of players currently online
  • Shows every player with his character and tooltip (character renders aren't created with the website)
  • Shows how long it is so Hardmode is activated on the server and to World Reset.
  • Shows members of the groups newadmin, admin, superadmin, vip, vip+, vip++ and superadmin
  • VIPs are colored depending on rank
  • Some links and fancy colorful buttons :3


  • Banned items
  • Messages you got with the MessagePlugin
  • Depending on the logged in user shows ban-data
  • Shows staff all the unhandled /report's, use /hreport to hide them
  • Player amount statistics, which are collected via a custom plugin
  • (superadmin) Backup filesizes, which are made and saved in the database via a bash-script

Ban lists

  • Only newadmin and higher
  • Uses the database of ExtendedBans
  • Character bans
  • IP bans
  • Shows human readable ETA if not perma-ban
  • Hides unbanned entries, either via command or time-based bans

World Map

  • Generated via the Map plugin

User Searcher

  • Only newadmin and higher
  • Search for users with a pattern, doesn't cares about case
  • Clicking on a user leads you to the inventory parser, showing the inventory, health, mana and group of the player
  • Results are limited to 50, to avoid possible timeouts

MotD & Rules

  • Shows motd.txt and rules.txt
  • Writable for group admin and higher

URL Shortener

  • All short URLs
  • Group admin and higher can directly add new short URLs on the page
  • shorturl is a external flask application

Avatar & Signature / Embed

  • Uses character images to create everywhere-usable avatars and signatures for every player

Ranking of Votes

  • Collected votes of users in a ranking
  • Votes aren't done on the website

Old Worlds

  • Download links of previous worlds
  • They are added during the Apocalypse via a bash-script to the folder and database