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Personal statistics calculator to help me calculate answers that require tedious formulas
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Personal Statistics Calculator

Statistics Calculator that runs in python's IDLE

Currently contains formulas for:

Mean: mean([Array Containing Numbers to Sum])
Quartiles: quartiles([Array Containing Numbers to Find Quartiles])
IRQ: irq(q3, q1)
Z-Score: z_score(x, mew, std_div)
Combinations (ex: 10 choose 2): choose(a, b)
Binomial Probability: binom_prob(k, n, p)


You will need

Terminal Access
Python 3.6 (or later versions)
Ability to run python's IDLE

Using it

To run this after installing Python 3.6 (or later) on your computer and cloning this to a directory.

  1. Go to directory
  2. Type in your terminal

This will put you in python's IDLE

  1. Import the stats module
import stats
  1. Done!

Just remember when you want to use a stats function prefix it with stats.Function_Name or even better instead of typing import stats, type from stats import all to use the function without prefixing the library


>>> import stats
>>> stats.quartiles([77,289,128,59,19,148,157,203,126,118,104,141,290,48,3,2,372,140,438,56,44,274,479,211,179,1,68,386,2631,90,30,57,89,116,225,700,40,73,75,51,148,9,115,19,76,138,178,76,67,102,35,80,143,951,106,55,4,54,137,367,277,201,52,9,700,182,73,199,325,75,103,64,121,11,9,88,1148,2,465,25])

Q0: 1
Q1: 54.5
Q2: 103.5
Q3: 200.0
Q4: 2631
IRQ: 145.5
IRQ x 1.5: 218.25
Lower Fence: -163.75
Upper Fence: 418.25
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