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This repository contains example code for interacting with NameBright's Domain API. NameBright.com is a registrar for buying and managing domain names. NameBright has exposed this API for advanced users who wish to automate tasks related to domain management.

To use the code examples, you must first have an account at NameBright.com and request API access.

  1. Create a NameBright account here: https://www.namebright.com/NewAccount
  2. Once you've created an account you can request API access here: https://www.namebright.com/Settings#Api

Example Code

Use the following examples to get started with NameBright's Domain API:

  • BashCurl: a bash shell script which uses curl to interact with Domain API's REST endpoint.

Download all examples as a zip file from GitHub here: https://github.com/NameBright/DomainApiClientExamples/archive/master.zip

API Reference and Links

Links to the authorization and REST APIs:

Functions Supported by the API

The following is a list of functions currently supported by the Domain API:

  • Check domain availability
  • Register a domain
  • Renew a domain
  • Retrieve and update name server information for a domain
  • Retrieve and update DNS host records for a domain
  • Retrieve and update contact information for a domain
  • Change domain level settings such as: locked status, auto-renew status and privacy protection
  • Retrieve and verify WhoIs Accuracy Information

General Concepts


Each call to the Domain API must include a valid OAuth2 Bearer Token to authorize the request. To retrieve a bearer token, you need to POST an OAuth2 client_credentials authorization request to NameBright's authentication service. Each code example shows you how to do this but you need to set valid values for the cilent_id (NameBright's API Application name) and client_secret fields. See: https://api.namebright.com/auth/help and http://aaronparecki.com/articles/2012/07/29/1/oauth2-simplified#application-access for details.

Each OAuth2 bearer token is valid for 30 minutes. If you are writing a process which needs to run for longer than 30 minutes, it is recommended that you expect to receive HTTP 401 Authorization Required responses within your program flow.

API Applications

You can set up as many API Applications as you wish at https://www.namebright.com/Settings#Api. Each needs to have a name unique to your account and specify an IP whitelist. After creating an API Application, you will be assigned a secret used to obtain OAuth2 Bearer Tokens. Full application names are in the format of "account name:application name". e.g. "MyAccount:MyApp".


  • Purchases: The API currently supports registering and renewing domains within your account by drawing on your account's pre-funded balance. You may only make purchases through the API by pre-funding your account.

  • Rate limits: The API enforces a limit of 30 requests per 30 seconds.

  • IP Whitelist: The API checks your IPv4 address against the whitelist specified in your account for that API application.

  • The NameBright API does not allow you to "play the drop". Domains which are dropping that day will be listed as "unavailable" by the API. This is by design.