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Awesome Handshake

A collection of awesome things regarding the Handshake ecosystem.


Decentralized Naming and Certificate Authority

Handshake Sites

Requires a Handshake resolver to work

  • rough - The first Handshake site ever (created by
  • welcome.nb - A welcome page for the new Internet
  • lewi - First IPFS website on Handshake!
  • turbomaze - Hello World website for using a Handshake TLD as a domain directly. Includes visit counter.
  • me.turbomaze - Anthony Liu's (Namebase Cofounder and CTO) personal website
  • mine - Mining pools for your favorite coins!
  • hsd.laboratory - TBD but it currently has cats
  • 🤝 - Hello world using the 🤝 emoji domain
  • welcome.2d - The first domain registry for Handshake! Check it out to get a free *.2d domain :)
  • onlinestopwatch - Simple Stopwatch made with Svelte. GitHub
  • timeto.shift - Important message for everyone who isn't on Handshake yet
  • live.ix - DNS.LIVE on Handshake
  • foda.racascou - Play Fight over dat Ancient, the game created by the Namer Community's Chief Meme Officer
  • humbly - Homepage for projects created by the team
  • cointoss - Cointoss app on Handshake at an easy-to-remember domain
  • dwz - Alias for CentOS
  • com.alphaama - Crypto related experiements
  • hns.dataroom - Be notified 20 blocks before the end of an auction and show your interest for a TLD (or your ownership)
  • i.shifu
  • punjabis./
  • d.yup
  • kind.thief - Check out Gonçalo's personal blog on Handshake. Gonçalo cofounded ConsenSys Diligence!
  • willcroteau - Some kind of psychedelic game ...?
  • proofofconcept - A social network for Handshake secured by DANE where every user gets a subdomain
  • hns-contributor - A grant proposal to raise money for Handshake development (mirrored at
  • parking.sinpapeles - A free domain parking service & selling domain listing.
  • bcoin.js - Redirects to the bcoin source code repository
  • hsd.js - Redirects to the hsd source code repository
  • domains.tasuki - domains for sale, and sniper.tasuki - spot ending-soon HNS auctions
  • domains.durendil - domains for sale
  • handshake.txt - Redirects to the handshake whitepaper
  • chessboard - View any chess position in FEN notation as a base32 encoded domain

Handshake Resolvers

  • NextDNS - One of Firefox's Trusted Resolvers. Privacy-focused alternative to Cloudflare and Google
  • easyhandshake - How to set up a resolver using a Handshake fullnode

Handshake-Compatible Deployment Services

  • Amazon S3
  • GitHub Pages
  • Heroku
  • Zeit (coming soon)

Handshake Community



Contributions are welcome! Make an issue to add new sections and listings.



A collection of awesome things regarding the Handshake ecosystem.






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