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The Console

JavaScript-able shell. Made on top of Java 8 and JavaFX.

The Console


  • custom scripts to be called as commands
  • command aliasing
  • auto-reloading of scripts when script file is modified
  • command invocation history like in bash (keys UP, DOWN)
  • run JavaScript one-liners directly in shell (do some math or whatever)
  • separated JSON configuration for every script
  • multiple tabs having separated JavaScript environments

More features:

  • modules in style of NodeJS
  • scriptable argument/input/path completion
  • scriptable REPLs, e.g. bash, zsh or whatever else can be connected through JavaScript


Getting started

  1. Latest released build can be found on releases page.

  2. To toggle visibility of The Console hit CTRL + ` .

  3. The Console by itself can't do much besides running JavaScript. Just go into %APPDATA/TheConsole/scripts (create if doesn't exists) and create some .js files. Every single .js file (which doesn't belong to some module) is a command name, i.e. currency.js can be called using currency command.

Build from sources

Launch mvn clean package -Dmaven.test.skip=true to get target/theconsole-{version}.jar.

APIs and help

Check out the Wiki!