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Setting up SMTP with Nameless (e.g. Gmail or Outlook)

Alek Josef Balash (SkippTekk) edited this page Jun 19, 2019 · 4 revisions

Gmail or SMTP can be set up with Nameless if the default email configuration doesn't work.

In order to do this, head into the AdminCP -> Core -> Email tab, and disable the Use PHP mail() function option. The fields below this option need filling out depending on whether you wish to use Gmail or SMTP.


Outlook / Hotmail / Live

  • The username is your email address (e.g. or
  • The password is your email account password
  • The name field should be your website name (though you can put anything here)
  • The host is (port: 587, encryption: STARTTLS)

Other SMTP servers

  • The username is the email address from your SMTP server
  • The password is the password associated with your SMTP email address
  • The name field is your site name, or whatever name you want to be displayed in the "From" field in the email
  • The host is the hostname of your SMTP server, such as your SMTP server's IP address

There are additional fields within core/email.php, including the SMTP server port, however these require manual configuration.

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