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NamelessMC Discord bot
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NamelessMC Discord bot

How do I contribute to the bot?

There are a few ways of contributing to the bot for non developers and for developers. Here are two:

  • For non developers: You can head over to NamelessMC/BotConfiguration and read the for information on how to contribute there.
    • In that repository, you can add parameters to the >support command which is really helpful when it comes to providing support on common problems on the Discord.
  • For developers: You can close this repository to your computer and help make the bot better!
    • Note to developers: Please do not add useless commands to the bot that don't even have a reason (or useless commands with a reason.)
    • Be sure to keep the formatting style used elsewhere for example: Don't do the following:
public boolean thisReturnsTrue()
    return true;

We want to see the following format:

public boolean thisReturnsTrue() {
    return true;
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