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RealisticBiomes is a Bukkit plugin that attempts to mimic the effect of environmental conditions on agriculture. Plant growth, animal breeding, and other agricultural events are restricted to more realistic biomes and conditions. See the Usage page for more detailed information on how to use specific features.



The following behaviors are affected by RealisticBiomes:

  • Growth of all plants in tilled soil and their fruits
  • Growth/spread of sugarcane, cactus, cocoa, netherwart, and mushrooms
  • Growth of trees and giant mushrooms
  • Use of bonemeal
  • Breeding of livestock
  • Hatching of chicken eggs
  • Fishing
  • Reporting growth/success rates of the above

The following are not affected by RealisticBiomes, but may fall under another plugin:

  • Appearance of biomes or terrain
  • Growth of vines
  • Behavior of leaf blocks
  • Appearance of trees
  • Spread of grass blocks, tall grass, or flowers
  • Behavior of pets
  • Behavior of sheep's wool
  • Drops from any entity or block
  • Spawning, death, or movement of any entity
  • Items used for breeding or domesticating animals
  • Time to mature or breed animals

Bugs and TBDs

Here is a list of known bugs and planned features/changes. If you find a bug, or have further information regarding a known bug, please contact the authors or open an issue here on github.

  • Growth rates for saplings may be undetermined. See the config/spreadsheet for the actual rates at which they will grow.
  • Rarely, a crop will grow to some stage, even maturity, as soon as it is planted.
  • Checking a crop with a stick may only update the crop, not the whole chunk.
  • We may introduce an additional modifier for being near sea-level river water.
  • All individual rates are subject to change for balancing purposes, but we try to keep it to a minimum.

Plant Growth

Whenever a growth (crop, sapling, breeding, egg-laying, fishing) event occurs, this plugin checks the environment for a variety of factors. These factors are used to determine a growth rate based on configuration, the crop growth event has a change to succeed proportional to the growth rate.

Persistent Crop Growth

Most plant-type crops (wheat, carrot, potatoes, melon stems, pumpkin stems, cocoa, warts) can be flagged as "persistent" in the configs. Instead of simply reducing the crop growth speed, persisted crops are forced to "grow" at a fixed rate; the growth state is saved across chunk unload and server stop and start, allowing the crop to "grow" continuously.

Checking Growth Rates:

Hit (left click) on the ground with seeds or saplings to determine the growth rate of that plant/tree at that particular location as a fraction of the vanilla rate. Similarly, right click on a crop or animal with a stick in hand to determine the growth rate of that plant/animal as a fraction of the vanilla rate.

Persistent Crops:

Checking a persistent crop will trigger the crop to examine it's persisted growth state and match it's growth stage to the persisted growth state. To force a crop to grow to it's true growth stage without the console message, right click on the crop with a bone in hand.

#Bonemeal Bonemeal does not accelerate the growth of any biome-restricted plants. It can still be used on grass to create tall grass and flowers.

Growth Rates

The growth rates may depend on a number of different parameters. The general algorithm for determining the final growth rate is as follows: G = base_rate * biome_multiplier * sun_intensity * open_to_sky_bonus * (1.0 + soil_bonus)

Base Rate

The base rate is a base growth rate associated with a plant/animal. This will be the growth rate absent other modifiers.

Biome Multiplier

The growth rate may be modified by the biome that the growth event takes place in. Associate a biome with a single multiplier to the growth rate for that biome.

Sun Intensity

With a switch of a flag, the rate of growth can depend on the current sunlight level. The growth rate will depend on the fraction of full sunlight level that the grower is receiving (at level 15 the multiplier will be 1.0, at light level 0 the light level will be zero.)

Open Sky Bonus

The grower will receive a additional multiplier if it is open to the sky.

Soil Bonus

A "soil" block may also be specified. The plugin will check the column of blocks directly below the growing block, and add a small bonus (up to a configurable maximum) to the growth rate for each block of the correct type found. This will probably only work correctly when applied to plants, not animals.


See config.yml for a more detailed look at how to configure this plugin See http://goo.gl/dOUpj for a matrix of the current factors and ideal conditions for each type.