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How to build
*NOTE* These instructions are *only* for building with Cake - if you just want to build the project manually you can do so just by loading the solution into Visual Studio 2015 and pressing build :-)
1. At the command prompt, navigate to the root folder (should contain build.cake)
2. Ensure you have run git submodule update --init --recursive
3. To run the default build (which will compile, test and package) type the following command:
* On Windows type:
* On Linux/MacOS type:
*NOTE* On Linux/MacOS you need to have Mono >= 4.4 installed because Nancy targets .NET 4.5.2 for the full-framework build
After the build has completed, there will be a new folder in the root called "build". It contains the following folders:
* binaries -> All the Nancy assembilies and their dependencies
* packages -> Zip file containing the binaries (other configurations might be added in the future)
* nuget -> NuGet packages generated from this build