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Nancy boostrapper for the Ninject container
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A bootstrapper implementation, for the Nancy framework, based on the Autofac inversion of control container.


When Nancy detects that the NinjectNancyBootstrapper type is available in the AppDomain of your application, it will assume you want to use it, rather than the default one.

The easiest way to get the latest version of NinjectNancyBootstrapper into your application is to install the Nancy.Boostrappers.Ninject nuget.


By inheriting from NinjectNancyBootstrapper you will gain access to the IKernel of the application and request containers and can perform what ever reqistations that your application requires.

public class Bootstrapper : NinjectNancyBootstrapper
    protected override void ApplicationStartup(IKernel container, IPipelines pipelines)
        // No registrations should be performed in here, however you may
        // resolve things that are needed during application startup.

    protected override void ConfigureApplicationContainer(IKernel existingContainer)
        // Perform registation that should have an application lifetime

    protected override void ConfigureRequestContainer(IKernel container, NancyContext context)
        // Perform registrations that should have a request lifetime

    protected override void RequestStartup(IKernel container, IPipelines pipelines, NancyContext context)
        // No registrations should be performed in here, however you may
        // resolve things that are needed during request startup.

You can also override the GetApplicationContainer method and return a pre-existing container instance, instead of having Nancy create one for you. This is useful if Nancy is co-existing with another application and you want them to share a single container.

protected override IKernel GetApplicationContainer()
    // Return application container instance



Copyright © 2010 Andreas Håkansson, Steven Robbins and contributors


Nancy.Bootstrappers.Ninject is licensed under MIT. Refer to license.txt for more information.

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