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Cross-platform build script, using CAKE, which is used to release a new Nancy version. The script will update the main Nancy repository and all of the sub-repositories to the designed version and build & publish the Nuget packages.

The build script can be invoked either with (maxOS/Linux) or build.ps1 (Windows)

build.[ps1|sh] --target="name-of-task" [--additional-task-parameters]

Available tasks

Target Description
Prepare-Release Fetches all repositories, set the Nancy version and push back to Nancy repository, updates all sub-repositories to point to the tagged Nancy version. Requires --targetversion="x.y.z" to be passed in
Test-Projects This will compile all repositories and run tests
Push-SubProjects Pushes all the updated sub-repositories
Package-NuGet Creates the *.nupkgs. Requires -apikey="xxx" and --source="xxx" to be passed in
Publish-Nuget Pushes the *.nupkgs to a source eg. MyGet/NuGet
Clean Remove the contents of the working directory

Release procedure

Execute the tasks in the following order:

  • --target="Prepare-Release" --targetversion="X.X.X"

  • --target="Test-Projects"

  • --target="Push-SubProjects"

  • --target="Package-NuGet"

  • --target="Publish-Nuget" --apikey="XXX" --source=""

  • --target="Clean"

NOTE To prevent any Git commands running add the --nogit="true" flag when calling the build script.