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How to build Nancy
*NOTE* These instructions are *only* for building with Rake - if you just want to build Nancy manually you can do so just by loading the solution into Visual Studio 2010 and pressing build :-)
1. Download and install Ruby 1.8.7+ from
2. At the command prompt run the following to update RubyGems to the latest version:
gem update --system
3. You will need the albacore gem, install this at the command prompt with:
gem install albacore
If you have already installed albacore, please update to the lastest version (0.2.6+):
gem update albacore
Building Nancy
1. At the command prompt, navigate to the Nancy root folder (should contain rakefile.rb)
2. To run the default build (which will compile, test and package Nancy) type the following command:
In addition, you can see the full list of all the build tasks by running:
rake -T
To run a particular task ('test' for example), use the following command:
rake test
You can run multiple tasks by listing them ('test' then 'nuget' for example):
rake test nuget_package
After the build has completed, there will be a new folder in the root called "build". It contains the following folders:
* binaries -> All the Nancy assembilies and their dependencies
* packages -> Zip file containing the binaries (other configurations might be added in the future)
* nuget -> NuGet packages generated from this build
* documentation -> Generated documentation (todo)
* coverage -> Test coverage reports (todo)