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* Built from the bottom up, not simply a DSL on top of an existing framework. Removing limitations and feature hacks of an underlying framework, as well as the need to reference more assemblies than you need. _keep it light_
* Run anywhere. Nancy is not built on any specific hosting technology can be run anywhere. Out of the box, Nancy supports running on ASP.NET/IIS, WCF, Self-hosting and any [OWIN](
* Ultra lightweight action declarations for GET, HEAD, PUT, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS and PATCH requests
-* View engine integration (Razor, Spark, dotLiquid, and our own SuperSimpleViewEngine)
+* View engine integration (Razor, Spark, dotLiquid, our own SuperSimpleViewEngine and many more)
* Powerful request path matching that includes advanced parameter capabilities. The path matching strategy can be replaced with custom implementations to fit your exact needs
* Easy response syntax, enabling you to return things like int, string, HttpStatusCode and Action<Stream> elements without having to explicitly cast or wrap your response - you just return it and Nancy _will_ do the work for you
* A powerful, light-weight, testing framework to help you verify the behavior of your application
+* Content negotiation
+* And much, much more
## The super-duper-happy-path

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