Migrate existing configuration endpoints to the unified configuration API #2000

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As mentioned in #1999 once the new unified configuration API is implemented, we need to migrate the various configurations that we currently have implemented. This issue is intended to track the progress of that work. If you identify a place that needs updating, please let us know. Each of these should be handled as separate pull-requests so we can perform the migrations in a controlled fashion and split between multiple authors

Things that should be migrated

  • XmlSettings (pull-request #2115)
  • JsonSettings (pull-request #2124)
  • DiagnosticsConfiguration (Bootstrapper method) (pull-request #2012)
  • CryptographicConfiguration (Bootstrapper method)
  • StaticConfiguration (@TheCodeJunkie WIP)
  • GenericFileResponse.SafePaths (@jchannon pull-request #2184)

Probably will be in 2.x, but not in 2.0

  • NancyInternalConfiguration (possibly?)
  • NancyConventions (static content, views, localization and so on)
  • RazorConfiguration (IRazorConfiguration + *.config stuff)
  • Mime type registrations (issue #877)
  • Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet custom *.config handler

Class naming

  • [Word]Configuration - for the configuration class
  • [Word]ConfigurationExtensions - for the INancyEnvironment extension
  • Default[Word]ConfigurationProvider - for the INancyDefaultConfigurationProvider / NancyDefaultConfigurationProvider<T> implementation

Branch naming convention: I suggest we use a naming convention for the branches for each of these migrations. My suggested convention is configuration-migration-xxxxxxx where xxxxxxx is the name of the feature that is being migrated.

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Ping @NancyFx/most-valued-minions @NancyFx/owners these are all up-for-grabs, don't be shy ๐Ÿ˜‹


We should call the xxConfig naming convention. All existing xxSettings and xxConfiguration (and others if there are any) should be renamed to follow the convention.

In terms of naming, my ๐Ÿ‘ goes to

  • [Word]Configuration
  • [Word]ConfigurationExtensions
  • Default[Word]ConfigurationProvider
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v2 Requirements #2160

2 of 4 tasks complete

@NancyFx/most-valued-minions Feel free to pick stuff from the above list


It's long winded but I prefer Default[Word]ConfigurationProvider or Default[Word]ConfigProvider simply because Default implies to the user that it can be overridden.


Updated description to reflect what will be going into 2.0 and what will end up in subsequent 2.x releases


We've done what we want to get done for 2.0. Closing this. We can come back if/when we decide to migrate more

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