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Embedded views support is broken #705

alexbeletsky opened this Issue · 7 comments

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The issue is originally started on SO. Here is the link.

Embedded views does not work in v.0.11.0, I can't test in on latest version from github, since I misunderstand the versioning.


@alexanderbeletsky have you had a chance to try this on the 0.12.x releases ?


Will verify that..


@alexanderbeletsky did you get a chance to try this?


@thecodejunkie sorry, it took awhile.

  1. Created new Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet application
  2. Setup ResourceViewLocationProvider
  3. Added simple Home.html as embedded resource.
  4. Run app - OK

It works as expected now. This issue can be closed.


@alexanderbeletsky thank you for the update!


Looks like this bug is back with version 0.23.0, exactly as it was when this issue was first created. Setting the view location provider as ResourceViewLocationProvider appears to be disregarded.


Disregard. The mistake was on my end. My project's default namespace was incorrect, and so the embedded resources were packaged in a different resource from what I expected, and so the view renderer couldn't find the view files at the namespace I'd provided.

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