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Razor anonymous model spike #536

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Crisfole commented Mar 2, 2012

We bumped into this when trying to do the following in Razor:


with the following model:

new { Name = new { First = "Chris" } }

The problem didn't happen when the object was singly-nested and the problem didn't happen if we turned our object into an expando (fully and recursively) first. This is a known limitation of the Razor view engine because the Razor View engine transforms all Views into code within its own assembly. Since C# anonymous objects' members are all internal they are not accessible outside the assembly. Your GetExpandoObject method in DefaultViewFactory was not taking into account the nested object issue.

There is a known problem with the current solution (the failing test introduced by d39c581):

I couldn't figure out a good way to unobtrusively GetSafeModel on Models that have properties that are anonymous and need to be "Expandoed"). Reasons this is hard:
a. Recursing arbitrarily deep in an object could easily result in stackoverflow exceptions
b. Recursing could find a circular reference. (Thus causing #1)
c. Recursing arbitrarily could take a long time, seriously slowing down Nancy's DefaultViewFactory

Crisfole added some commits Mar 1, 2012
@Crisfole Crisfole Add two failing tests
The tests have to do with known Razor view engine limitations that could
be made much more super-duper-happy with some judicious reflection on the
Nancy side of things.
@Crisfole Crisfole Was testing wrong thing 9fb2652
@Crisfole Crisfole Add tests of 'GetExpandoObject' 1cfd6bf
@Crisfole Crisfole Add another test of ExpandoObject
An object with a dynamic member that's an anonymous class from a foreign
Assembly won't correctly be 'expando-ed'.
@Crisfole Crisfole Fix SHA 1cfd6bf 49fd29e
@grumpydev grumpydev closed this Feb 16, 2013
@Crisfole Crisfole deleted the Crisfole:razor-anonymous-model-spike branch Nov 25, 2014
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