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Fakes Moved type out of the Fakes namespace
Properties Adds a testing certificate to the resources
Resources Adds a testing certificate to the resources
Accept.cs Added Accept helpers to Browser
AndConnector.cs Convert Tabs to Spaces
AssertEqualityComparer.cs Tying up some loose ends
AssertException.cs Merged my test harness code with grumpys and added xml comments etc
AssertExtensions.cs Fixed some misspellings
Asserts.cs Changed method names
Browser.cs Nancy.Testing.Brower.HandleRequest shall be public
BrowserContext.cs More typo cleanup & whitespace removal
BrowserContextExtensions.cs Added XMLBody extension
BrowserContextMultipartFormData.cs Convert Tabs to Spaces
BrowserResponse.cs Convert Tabs to Spaces
BrowserResponseBodyWrapper.cs Fix spelling and phrasing in BrowserResponseBodyWrapper's doc comments
BrowserResponseBodyWrapperExtensions.cs Made serializer in BrowserResponseBodyWrapper extensions pluggable
BrowserResponseExtensions.cs Convert Tabs to Spaces
ConfigurableBootstrapper.cs do not register dependency twice by the same interface in cofigurable…
ConfigurableNancyModule.cs Typo cleanup
DocumentWrapper.cs Fixed an obsolete warning in DocumentWrapper.cs
IBrowserContextValues.cs Removed extra the
IndexHelper.cs Clean up some xml comments
Nancy.Testing.csproj Fixed broken tests
NancyContextExtensions.cs Convert Tabs to Spaces
NodeWrapper.cs Add missing Xml comments to NodeWrapper.
PassThroughStatusHandler.cs Added NancyContext extensions to get a thrown exception.
PathHelper.cs Convert Tabs to Spaces
QueryWrapper.cs Maintain QueryWrapper Selector
StaticConfigurationContext.cs Moved StaticConfigurationContext to Nancy.Testing
TestingViewBrowserResponseExtensions.cs Document test extension methods
TestingViewContextKeys.cs Moved a class to the file of it's own
TestingViewFactory.cs Convert Tabs to Spaces
nancy.testing.nuspec generate xml docs and add it in nupkg
packages.config Updated CsQuery
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